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The Carlosian Dream Project

Part 10

See: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8, Part 9

Note:This Segment appears to occur after the events of Part 9.


Dressed in his traditional Carlosian Attire, the Baron of Darkness steps out of the shadows, his black trench coat billowing behind him as his long strides carry his tall frame through the curtains of the night.

The lone warrior stands alone in the night, his Katana Sword in his black gloved hand, the blade itself is bloodied, but still sharp and deadly.

In the other hand, the Dark Knight holds what looks to be the remains of a grey fedora hat.
Carlos drops the object on the dark floor, and proceedes into the darkness.

The Dark Alley calls for the presence of the Sneaky Bastard.

BaronCarlos is back in town.

See: Part 11

Oh dear god. What a freakish dream. I would rather not go into the details, but let it be known that it was the first dream in a long while to make me jolt awake, mouth completely dry, sweating, and scared out of my mind. It creeped me out, so i went onto E2 for salvation, and sure enough, after about an hour of noding, and a big cup of ice water, i zonked back out. Only to have another wierd dream, only weird in a strange way.

It was at my old high school, it was lunch time, everything was put out buffet style, four carts forming a square. It was me and my better friends, we raced to get there (or you were likly to wait for most of lunch to get little food). It was all the same crappy food, but layed out as though it was relativly good/expensive. We wandered around making a plate of food, then i woke up as i got to the cashier.
Part of a reoccurring dream happened last night. It's something that no matter how nonsensical it seems, it still terrifies me to the core. I go to class, only to realize that I haven't been to that particular class in over 6-7 weeks (and considering that we only have 10 weeks/term, that's a lot of time I missed). The class was some random generic humanities/communications/philosophy class, as it was before when I had a similar dream.

I walk into class, and ask what I missed, figuring that it wasn't much, or else I wouldn't have skipped a month and a half of classes to begin with. Apparently in this class, I missed a midterm, several term papers, and what was even worse, I missed the drop date, so I was stuck with the class no matter how bad I did in it.

The guy I was sitting next to told me that we have a paper due in about 2 days. I ask the prof what the paper is about (he's the really cool laid back type, he was my prof for my last term of humanities in my freshman year), he says (while holding the book up, and announcing it to the entire class), Tale of Two Cities, by Dickens. I'm relieved because I read that book before, but I know I'm still screwed. The paranoia sets in, no matter how well I do in this course, I'm doomed to fail it anyway, then I start to think of my other classes -- had I missed them all?

Then I woke up.


I had one of those nights.

One of those nights where you toss and turn in a haze of sleep, but are never really asleep. Dreams become vivid, and reality blurs with fantasy. I hate nights like that, my dreams burn into my mind, they make me want to crawl out of my skin, and scream.

The dreams/hallucinations I had were insane. Disconnected garbage, thrown together with the rudiments of a plot that only made sense to my sleep addled mind. It started with me being chased, but I'm not sure by what. Something terrible and forbidding. But I had to run. Run and run, run until I fell down. Then the dream changed, as if someone turned a light switch on. I was suddenly riding on an elephant, travelling through Africa. After a wandering for a long time, what seemed like years, we came across my friend Tara who was dancing next to a pool. The Elephant dipped her, both in the dancing and liquid sense.

Then my faithful elephant fell over, I had been sitting on its neck, and it couldn't support me any longer. It fell into the mud and sank down. It looked tired. And dead. I continued walking with my back pack through Africa, and I suddenly walked into the kitchen. Of this large ranch style house. From which, of course, I had to escape.

The rest of the dream is hazy,and I remember nothing clearly, kind of like a bad aftertaste. Most likely this is due to me finally falling into a peaceful slumber.

My mother drove me to a large building that looked vaguely like a warehouse. I had a very misty sense that she was supposed to be taking me somewhere else, like a final exam or something, but I wasn't concerned. As we were getting out of the car, I asked where we were. She ignored my question and started warning me about some people who worked in this place. She said they were creeps because they did LARP. I asked why and she said in a very conspiratorial tone "Because they use..... cardboard boxes for props!". I was a bit weirded out by this, and came to the conclusion that my mom had taken too much allergy medication that morning.

We walked into the warehouse. It looked like a gymnastics studio, similar to the one I practiced at. My mother walked off in a random direction towards the pommel horse and I walked towards a large group of people standing and staring at a wall. The wall was covered with what looked to be hand-drawn posters. They were all of games. For a moment, I thought I saw one on Vampire: The Masquerade, but when I averted my eyes and looked back, it was gone. People were whispering and seemed to be exchanging heated conversations about these posters. There was a man standing off to the side who looked vaguely like a geek. Something like the comic book store owner in The Simpsons. I walked up and asked him if there was a poster on V:TM up there. He said no. I continued staring at the posters till they turned into a psychadelic blur that made my head hurt. I turned around and realized that my mother was standing right below a girl doing a gymnastics routine on the un-even bars. I walked up and tapped her on the shoulder to get her to move out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt. She turned around after a little while and I explained to her that you couldn't just stand so close to people while they were practicing. She smiled then walked over to a large, concrete pole, ran into it, then just stared at it for awhile. I walked over to the floor where a girl from school that I know was carrying a balance beam with some of her friends towards me. She asked me if I could come over to her house. For some reason, I didn't want to, so I made up a lie that I had to take my finals and I would be studying all week. Then she dropped the beam, walked up to me, and started strangling me. At this point I woke up.

I popped a few too many chocolate covered espresso beans before going to bed (I KNOW that was stupid, you DON'T have to tell me) and the resulting side-effects left my mind with a bit too much before-sleep thought material to work with, I think.

Improvisation and Humiliation

I arrive at a jam session with my friend Thomas. There are a lot of non-musician on-lookers, which sets my stage fright to twitching. The piano stands unoccupied and I am pressured into taking a stab at it. The band is playing Straight No Chaser, a tune I know very well, and my dream hands shake as I lay my fingers on the keys. Solo time: I dance across the ivories in clumpy farts of syncopated dissonance. I laugh at myself; maybe everyone will think I'm putting on a Thelonious Monk impression. I glance around the room. These people don't know Wynton Kelly from Wynton Marsalis. They're just thinking I sound like shit. Who am I kidding? They're right. After just two measures, I stand up and walk away from the piano. Dream ends.

It started out in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. He sang a song to me about pure imagination while we were in this field full of mushrooms the size of redwoods and huge spore structures just filling the air with yellow spores. Then we went on the tour. The tour was like in the movie, harmless-seeming but dangerous!!! There was this red waterfall that the tour kids drank from. Tasted like raspberry they said. I went behind the curtains to find that the waterfall was being created by using sharp threshers to maim little children and let their blood sluice through. Then we went to a room filled with toys made of candy. Several kids got maimed by them but the tour people didn't seem to care. I got lured into a room with Willy Wonka (who did in fact, look like Gene Wilder). He was about to eat my face when two large ogre workers took shovels and bashed him. Apparently they were disgruntled and hated the unfair treatment by Wonka. I woke up in a cold sweat but the horror is still surprisingly intriguing. Needless to say, I love that "pure imagination" song now.

I don't really know when the dream began. I think it was on a strange bus. I was in the front, fiddling with some contraption that was built into the bus. It had a panel of switches, which I think I pressed. We were going to the high school I go to for geometry with a few other kids. For some reason, I think the bus was full, even though it wasn't later.

We arrived at the high school, and I saw some older kids in tuxedos. I figured that it was the end of the year senior party. There were tables with food on them. Snack food. I saw my brother, who is a senior there. I forgot what I said, but I figured out that there were no geometry classes for the day. We hung around, and had the snacks while waiting. Later, we got back on the bus, and left. The bus driver was an overweight female, with an attitude problem.

This is where it started getting weird.

We arrived at a building. We met the rest of our class there, who were on a field trip. We went inside the building. It was the Republican National Convention. I wasn't suprised, it was like I expected this all along. I remember seeing 2 radio talk show hosts. I had never seen them before, so I didn't know how they really looked. I remember hearing about other famous people too, but I didn't see any. The room was like a skybox in a stadium, but it was bigger and just had people. The convention ended, and we all got back on the same bus, and left. I remember mentioning that school would be over by the time we got back.

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