I had a rather wild dream last night.

I was in my house, I think (it generally resembled my house but there were weird differences) and it suddenly grew very dark. A massive storm suddenly rolled in and insanley high winds began to wreak havoc on the environs outside. Trees swayed to their breaking point. One tree was actually ripped up. And for some odd reason the leaves all turned from green to yellow.

Then the most exciting part of the dream happened: A jet airliner (which for some inexplicable reason was flying really close to the ground) was caught in the wind and actually blew away. It tossed and turned across my field of vision (my little kitchen window at that point was a large bay window. Actually that entire wall may have been a window at that point - well, you know how dreams go). It was blown away as if it were merely a paper airplane. Then, it crashed to the ground and a fireball ensued. But the entire plane was not destroyed. Soon after impact, dozens of survivors ripped through the ceiling of the plane to get out. And that, I think, is about where the dream ended.

After waking up, I lay there a while thinking how cool it would have been to have had my digital camera and got video of that. Then I imagined my video becoming famous, downloading everywhere, interviews on the radio, on The Today Show, and so on. Yes, that's when the daydreaming began.

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