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I am on a balcony of a house, with my brother, my mom, and a bunch of other people. We are all sitting by the edge of the balcony. The people down below are firing missles upward. One missile was going to fall on me, on the balcony, so I physically push it back outside of the balcony and let it fall back down. I get scorened for not looking for not being careful and looking at where it was going to hit when it fell back toward the street. Someone down there might get hurt. So to keep from causing more mischief I get up to go.

As I leave the balcony to go inside I touch the railing and accidentally cause the broken part of the balcony to give way and some of the people on the balcony fall over the side. My brother is hanging right off the edge of the balcony. Everyone rushes over the side of the balcony to save him, while I hold on to the railing to keep the balcony stable. From my vantage point I can't see what is going on. Finally, a friend climbs up from the edge, holding my brother. I am very relieved.

My brother comes over to me. But everyone else is still over the edge of the balcony. I worry that they won't have the strength to climb back up, especially my mom. I hear her scream as she falls. I hear her hit the ground. I am terrified. I tell my brother to call 911, but he doesn't know what room number this is, and I still have to hold on to the railing so I can't call myself.

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