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I'm flying over a jungle and all the animals below are pointing at me and holding binoculars up. I decided to go down and meet these wild, yet grotesquely cute animals. I flew down, trying to dodge all the trees. When I was finally on the ground, the animals gathered round me, and smiled. I greeted them all, then introduced myself. When I said who I was they all gasped. There was silence. I moved a step forward, and they all screamed and ran away.
I was sad. All the cute little animals ran away!

I decided to keep on flying, like I was before. Something happened… I wasn't flying.
I started to cry, the world seemed like a pretty bleak place. All the cute fluffy animals hated me, and I was stranded in the jungle.

It started to rain, suddenly it was night time.

There were cliché scary noises all around me. I lay down on the ground, and curled up into a ball. Everything was blurry, all I could do was lie there, listening to the wolves howl, and the owls hoot.
After a while it was daytime again. All the cute animals were gathering around me, with evil looks on their faces, now they were not so cute as previously thought.
I was scared. They were huge, and not to mention evil.
I stepped back. They stepped forward. I asked them what they wanted, but they just laughed, a wickedly evil laugh. On the spur of the moment, I ran. Consequently they chased. I was faster though, for some reason. After a while, I lost them.

Now I was flying again, above the rain forest, till I reached what looked like, New York City. The Twin Towers were still there. I had always wanted to go to New York, so I landed in a small park. It was raining.
I slipped on the grass, banged so hard into the ground that I was now in Hell. At least I think it was hell… the devil and Hitler were there, yet it was snowing.
Hitler said something to me about Jewish people.

Suddenly the jungle animals were there, and I woke up.

A no-name, no-beauty strange girl-child in my care. I am watching over her, in line with the other girls: a row of pale wraith-like things in bright red flowing robes. Almost as if chosen for their seamless indistinguishable characteristics, slowly they filed one by one up the ramp and onto the ship.

Me, below, watching. My girl collapses quietly, without show, barely interrupting the measured movements about her. Me, below, hysterical. That is my ghost and she's having her baby.

The quiet assembled crowd disperses without once looking at the woman on the floor. Someone delivers the child easily and without fuss; hands the tiny squalling thing over to me.

All I can find for this baby is a rough towel, nowhere near enough warmth, and the shipyard is a silent theater. Everyone watches the procession of pale girls file onto the ship; Me, below, breathless with a sudden child in my care.


Just so you might know. Just in case you might want this baby that nobody else wanted. Just so you might know what it felt like to be holding an unwanted baby. It was tragic. Such a tragic. drea.m.

I don't know if it this has anything to do with a recent message a friend sent me about how she got A pluses and B minuses in her courses this semester, but who knows. I've forgotten what the order of the events are though.

It was very real to me, so real that the joy I felt seemed genuine. I had gotten very high scores on two of my courses, or perhaps all of my courses. The time spent being happy in the dream was extensive. The "dream camera" focused on my report card several times.

Shit, now I forgot what's the second part of my dream.

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