Yesterday I had a Matrix-like dream. However, it was far more convoluted than that movie is. I was at the home where my parents and I lived three years ago in Forest Lake, Minnesota. The dream is hard to describe. It was different from the Matrix in that the alternate reality-- the computer program of the machine's-- was the earth, but people were able to hack into the world and do some wild things. Much like jacking into the real world from the artificial world, except it was all done in the real world.

One person was trying to make me dead. A clue he left behind at my place was like the Kiss of Death from the Mafia. It's hard to put to words what it was, but the person altered my cat to include a chain running through it. Apparently in this place a sign that you were one who was targeted is to have a pet spliced with chains.

One of the good things about the hacking is that we could appear however we wanted, much like in the Matrix. I don't know what I looked like, it was a rare first-person dream, but a friend of mine looked pretty much the same, except his head was twice as big as normal and his expressions were like that choppy animation they do with different pictures of a person like Saddam Hussein in The South Park movie, and he was floaty; not completely weightless but almost. The person who wanted to kill me was about to do so, but my friend saved me. He rode to my rescue on a translucent cloud of air, equipped with only his laptop and a giant head. He managed to hack the other person into nothingness.

I find it too hard to describe dreams adequately, so I think I'll stop. It always angers me to watch dreams in movies, because it's nothing like a real dream. At least they're never like my dreams.

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