I am in my twenties again, and in a temporary work situation with another woman and a guy. This situation is only going to last a few more days, and then the three of us won't see each other again. The other woman is sort of mousy, but cute in a librarian-like way. The guy is fairly good looking and is a really nice person. I have a killer body like I've never had in real life; am wearing this short dress and thigh highs, I have a slight tan and my hair is long and lightened by the sun.

I know this guy wants to ask the other woman out before the project ends, but he hasn't made any overtures yet. So I am trying to get him to ask me out first, even though I can see we have nothing at all in common.

He is eating and making crumbs everywhere, has his head down, is walking around and trying to work. The other woman is in an office down the hall, head down, working. I say to him, "Aren't you going to ask me out?" and I know I've got him.

I was huddled under my blankets while a party raged elsewhere in my house. Suddenly, someone lifted the blankets, and in the light, I could see that it was my ex. He crawled into bed with me and pulled the blankets back over us again. We faced eachother in that dark cave, and finally he said, "You need to tell me something." "I guess," I shot back. Then I thought about it, and rearranged my words. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have said all that I did. I just needed to hurt you because you hurt me." He put his hand on my cheek... "I know you've found yourself."

Standing in a field, I was in the midst of a disjointed summer wedding. My sister was holding my hand, and all around us, girls were throwing bouquets. I caught one and hurled it viciously at the guy standing next to me.
Character Fragments

  • A dramatis personae of all dream characters including the person in real life they're based on, if any.

  • A man has been waiting for a train for several hours but it breaks down just as it enters the station. He throws a tantrum, yelling at the operator, and attempts to manipulate the controls himself. The operator must restrain him until the man gains control of himself.

  • Sitting in a small second-story room with August, Bill and Allen, about to smoke pot. Through the window I see Aug's dad, Jon, walking towards the building. I put my small jar onto the bookshelf and we leave the room to help Jon with setting up for a party.

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