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I'm at an E2 get-together at Templeton's place in New Orleans. I'm one of the early ones - I show up on Friday evening and will be staying the night there with a handful of other noders.

The weird thing about Templeton's place is that it adjoins a grocery store, and after the store has closed for the night she just opens up the connecting set of double doors and treats it as part of her apartment. She cooks dinner for the meet and just takes the ingredients off the shelves and out of the produce bins! I wonder if the shop's owners know about this? Maybe this IS half of her apartment, and she just lets them use it as a grocery store during the day in exchange for free food. I decide it's none of my business.

We play role-playing games late into the night and I crash on Templeton's couch. Unfortunately, I have to share it with another noder who looks exactly like comedian Jon Lovitz. Sharing a couch with Jon Lovitz is NOT ideal, but I manage to get a good night's sleep anyway.

We're awakened the next morning by Templeton's radio alarm clock, playing a song by the Who. Cool! I jump off the couch and leap around the room playing my best Pete Townshend-style air guitar. I'm windmilling furiously just when the rest of the party walks in. Hilarity ensues.

I don't recognize most of the folks who've just showed up, so I'm happy to see that factgirl is among them. Two young black women show up separately and when they see each other they stare, astonished -- they're sisters, and neither had ANY idea that the other was a fellow noder! It's an Everything2 miracle, and with that the dream comes to a close.

A chance encounter, highly unlikely considering she is far away now--physically and emotionally. She wears headphones, brown apparel, and a hip-hop walk.

I noticed her from a block away. We're walking towards each other. She's on a park pathway which leads to an intersection where I am crossing. She doesn't notice me as we approach, doesn't look in my direction--it doesn't seem as if she does this purposefully, more like she's just unaware of my presence. I greet her. Not hearing me, she passes by. I stop, turn in her direction and address her again. We face each other.
Bullshit talk, most likely about school and home: fake laughs and fake smiles--nothing like how it used to be, with love and all. I lose myself in the conversation thinking that she isn't the same as before. She has an air about her, almost like an I've-crossed-the-line-into-adulthood-and-now-look-down-upon-you-because-of-my-two-year-relationship attitude. Her apparel, her walk: the way she holds herself. Is it that I view her differently--am I jealous, have I changed? Or is it that she has an altered personality?

I always saw her as beautiful. Never cared about her physical appearance. Just another piece of her puzzle. She's thin now--thin bodied and thin faced: she's weathered. The wholesome beauty, the humid feeling of outgoing acceptance--the part that accepted and cared about me--is gone. All I see are the lines of her face. I am lost in her frailty.

Three years of silence. Maybe it's not that she has changed. Maybe it's not that I have, either. Maybe we've lost each other. Maybe I've lost my illusions. feb. 18...think i've lost myself
I am at school. There is a student-produced show on campus called "Nude News" which features school and local news as reported by students in the nude. But the girls' hair is so long, it covers up their breasts, and they never stand up to do the weather or anything. In the dream, I figure this is how they are able to do a nude newscast and escape the censors.
The next thing I know I am outside at the school at a Jon Spencer Blues Explosion concert. A guy I know is there, among many other people, and we start to violently mosh, even though no one else is. While I am running into this fellow with all my might, I notice that instead of Jon Spencer yelling "The blues is number one!" he is yelling "Cheerleading is number one!" An example of some stuff he said in my dream-concert:
"I do not play no rock and roll! I play the blues! Cheerleading is number one! Ow! Right now! Ugh! Blues Explosion attack!"
I think I may have listened to a little more than my limit of music the night before.
I am searching for the word infinite on e2, and I see that one of the search results is Infinite payola, banana corolla, touch offer. But, in the dream version of e2, each search result has a little green button next to it, and the x-y position of this button indicates something about the search. Then, I suddenly wake up. I write those strange words down, so I can remember it the next day. After some other dreams, I wake up again and look for those words - it turns out that I wrote them on the side of a pencil. That's strange, how did I do that? Content that they are safe, I go back to sleep. Then I wake up again, look on the desk for the pencil, but realize that writing it down was just a dream. So then I go to sleep again and have a dream that my best friend's ex-girlfriend sneaks into my house and sits on top of me, and then starts licking my eyelids. It's nice and warm.

Then I really wake up and make sure I remember this phrase.

I am on an expedition to catch or destroy swarms of flies. I tell the group that when a swarm comes sheep that stand in their way wet their lips so that they can capture as many flies as they can, since flies will stick to their wet lips.

A woman and I are in a ravine where the swarm is expected to fly into. She is in some sort of protective suit. She is setting up some explosives that are triggered by a bird that is sensitive to the arrival of the swarm. I tell her that the explosives have been set up in an unsafe manner. She has forgotten that she is no longer on a ship, where her method works. Also, because her suit has a rubber coating it might cause friction on the rubber coated explosives and set them off accidentally. She screams and rushes to take off her suit.

Meanwhile, the swarm flies towards the ravine and sets off the fuse. The fuse is white and it burns slowly but is punctuated by short, black cylinders which burn quickly. I notice that the explosives are going to go off so I push the woman in to a pool of quicksand. She lands on her back and doesn't sink immediately, so she is safe. I jump on to the branch of a tree and sing a 20's or 30's song.

While the swarm is flying by, some of the other members of the expedition are walking by through the swarm with measured steps. One is holding up a midieval grotesque mask up to his face, while his female partner, who is walking next to him, is protected by large goggles. At another part of the expedition camp a man asks one of two other men how he can be "cool". In response he is asked if he has any contact with the gay community, insinuating that he'd be cool if he hung out with them. This seems to be an in-joke with the two men and they laugh.

NOTE: Follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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