Louie! Louie! Louie!

Michelle, my little sister, came running down from the steps of the Unitarian church into the front parking lot, and He and I shifted nervously to try and avoid her. I hadn't seen him in several days, and we were kissing hard, biting into the soft flesh of lip and tongue. I was pressing my groin into his hips, grinding into him, out in front of the church. Michelle is about 12 years old, and I'm not Angela this time, but Louise. My boyfriend, whose name is lost, has short blonde hair, rectangularly built and has big square 1980s nerd glasses. It's not that she hadn't seen worse from us before, but that we didn't want to stop to talk to her. The contact was sending lightning across our skin.

The sky is dim with grey clouds.

We're making out in the church parking lot, because there's no one who worships at this church. He's been on a mission, at other churches in the area, but he left me alone with Michelle because she's too young to be by herself in this world. I think we must be some kind of terrorist group, or maybe just one of the last scraggly groups of young people left alive. I think he and I are both seventeen. For some reason we are tightly bound to the churches.

There were a bunch of black ladies in our sanctuary this morning looking for something, and Michelle thought she could help them. She was going through the phone books saying "Are there any Catholic Churches left?" I said "No, look for Baptist, they said they were Baptists."

We are making out heavy in the parking lot there, the lot is full of cars that don't run, 2000's era Sport Utility Vehicles. A couple of us have bicycles, they are the scouts. There are about twenty of us living in the church. No one's "legally" able to drink, but it's not like that matters. Even if there was any booze, there are no cops here to stop us. No parents to turn us in to. It's not cold or warm. This boyfriend is doughy, pasty white despite spending all his days running outside. We are always running. There is a perpetual gloom, like the sun has abandoned us.

We were making out in the parking lot, leaning up against the forest green Ford Explorer, rusted shut, and the world was ending, but at the moment, I didn't care because at least I was holding him and filling my adolescent brain with the frantic chemistry of the desperate.

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