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I am so tired today that my eyes hurt; it's difficult to look at this bright computer screen. I thought that the more you dream and the move involved they are, that's more REM sleep that you're getting. This dream was very intricate and action-packed. Can your dreams wear you out?

It started out on a college campus and I think it was some sort of military college. I was working with this guy, not sure what his name was, but he looked sorta like Bruce Campbell. There was this other guy who was a white supremacist and he wanted to purchase two domain names from us (don't ask me why we were selling them) that, because of the names, would obviously be used for white supremacist sites (I don't remember what they were, exactly). Also part of the package was a part of the campus. He was supposed to be like more of an investor and use the part he was "purchasing" for a joint interest, something that would benefit him and the University as well. He tried to break his deal and do something he wasn't supposed to do with it. He thought that we hadn't been smart enough with the contract to say he couldn't do what he did, but fortunately my wife had overseen the drafting of the contract and made sure there was something in it that would prevent him from doing what he did.

So that guy got really pissed off and didn't get his part of the campus or his domain names even though we'd registered them; basically me and this Bruce Campbell guy were in a position to really ream this guy and charge him out the ass for his domain names, something he was none too pleased with.

So that all sounds kind of boring, right? Well, it was a had to be there kind of deal because it was cool in the sense of power me and this guy had over that other guy. But anyway, from there I end up being in the basement somewhere on campus, maybe a dorm building that I was living in (which would be strange because I haven't lived in a dorm since December of 1995). Me and the Bruce Campbell guy had captured terrorists somehow and held them until authorities could arrive to take them away. Somehow I accidentally killed one of them.

After that, the Bruce Campbell guy goes away and I'm still in the basement. It becomes a very different dream at this point. First of all, I guess this dimly-lit basement is like a laundry room. And there's a computer down there you can surf the web with or chat or IM. I'm on AOL IM and only one person is sending me messages, somebody who kind of annoys me. A girl with short reddish bobbed hair wearing red, round-rimmed glasses wants to use the computer when I am up doing something, maybe tending to laundry. I tell her to go ahead, just send that dude a message "gtg now" and sign me off. She does and signs herself in. Apparently I leave and leave her alone down there. It's weird at this point because I'm no longer there but I can still see what's going on. No, not in the dream, but it just becomes like a dream and I'm not in it. Anyway, there's a webcam on that computer and the chick starts to get naked. She gets her shirt off, and at that point all hell breaks loose.

The dream shifts dramatically and becomes incredibly violent and like a comic book. Suddenly I'm seeing the dream in panels, drawn in typical comic book fashion with dramatic high-contrast lighting. This super villain, another woman, some kind of super evil Mega Bitch Super Villain with energy beams or something attacks the chick at the computer. Like I said, I see it like it would look in a comic book. First frame the chick looks behind her, tits hanging out, with this "what the hell?" look on her face. Second frame it zooms into her face more and it becomes a "holy shit!" expression. Third frame Mega Bitch's energy beam slices into the chick in an angular fashion, severing her chest and everything above from the rest of her body. Then there's a frame showing Mega Bitch holding the severed upper half of computer girl's body up over her head in triumph.

Meanwhile, this whole group of super villains starts rocketing through the sky towards the University. Suddenly I'm some sort of super hero and they're all coming to kick my ass, tired of me always kicking their asses I suppose. I cannot remember exactly what each of these super villains did but they were all pretty badass. When they get there they meet up with Mega Bitch and they proceed to get into this huge battle royale with me, but since I am virtually indestructible their efforts are largely in vain. At one point I take a punch the mouth that appears to loosen my two front teeth. I guess I am sort of a smartass super hero because I ask one of the villains (who is wanting to kill me, mind you) if he wouldn't mind looking at my teeth, because this super villain is also a dentist. Go fig. He of course balks at this and the fight continues.

The dream changes again and degrades into the only reoccurring dream I have ever had: my teeth begin falling out. I cannot tell you how many times I've had the same thing happen: my top and some bottom teeth become loose and every time I clench my teeth together I force them looser until they start falling out. And that's pretty much how the dream ends, I'm pretty sure. I think I did beat the super villains, but I'm not certain.

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