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We are driving through a ski resort on a school bus (on a school trip), past numerous hotels in snow, until we nearly reached the top of the hill. I went in with two of the teachers, to go to reception and get our room keys. Unfortunately the reception was also the bar, and the waiter had to phone his boss to ask about everything we needed to know.

My friends and I went to take a look at the dining room, but we weren't impressed, so we started climbing up some high stairs out of the dining room. To either side of the stairs were seats, like in a theatre. As we reached the top it became pitch black, and there was light shining through the doors. There was some ceremonial tape between the top seats and the door handles.

For some reason we were ordered to come back down to the dining room where we to be sold/chosen. We had to take off our shirts, and put on white togas, and then wait for the girls to arrive. When they arrived, there was a massive confusion/bundle of breasts and togas, until I was found by a blonde girl, also in a toga, who thought her friend might like me. Her brunette friend turned up, and chose me, whereupon I was locked up. When I escaped from the room, I circled the main dining room/auditorium, through a store room and a boiler room, until I got to a door at the front, to the side of the steps.

I bent low, and sprinted across the grass in front of the hotel, until I came to the tents, and dived through the low opening into the tent. Inside was the girl who had chosen me, and I realised I had probably been "programmed" to go and find her. I moved round the tent, un-velcroing the hanging flaps, like on a Niger.

We settled down to some kissing, but were quickly interrupted by the blonde, and the guy she chose looking round the corner of the flap I didn"t do.


Back on the ship, I realised that we had left one of the crew behind, and I saw him in a truck beside the railway line. I ran in and out of the lines of oar men, and saw him zooming back and for beside the train, unable to match speeds, I held out a hand, and grabbed him as he went past. When pulled up onto the ship, I realised that he was special and had to be helped immediately.

I dragged him into the nearest McDonald's, and seeing a special digital clock on the wall, with asterisks instead of hours, realised he could do funky stuff with time. I left him in a booth, and stepped behind the counter to speak to the manager. I told him it was urgent I speak to him privately.

However, he first insisted on serving a customer, who ordered a burger of sorts. He placed the meat in a black plastic tray, about 5cm high, along with some cooking oil. Then he threw 5 or 6 £1 coins in another identical tray, filled with water or cooking oil, dropped it into the top of the other one, and put the whole piece in the oven. Then we went to the back of the kitchen area, and onto the badminton court, were he could speak to me. I pointed out that people could hear us, and so we moved further in, round an L shaped corner, and to some picnic tables at the end of the last court.

As I began telling him what had happened, people started trying to listen in, until I had to whisper in his ear. I was reading off a list, of 5 lettered items, with 5 sub items below the first letter. The list had something to do with the Marie Celeste, but I only got to the end of item a.

It seemed so real

I am driving down the road in a Cherry Red sports convertible with the top down and the wind blowing through my light brown hair. It is a sunny day outside and I am wearing a set of federal agent style sunglasses like the ones the agents from the Matrix wear along with a similar type of suit. Off to my right I have a steep cliff that forms a sheer drop and to my left there is a huge brown rock wall.
I am being followed up the road by choppers, black Lincoln Town Cars and Jeep Grand Cherokees. These people are in pursuit of me and I get a feeling inside as though it is for my life and capture. I am driving as fast as I can, speeding around the turns in the road as fast as I can when I suddenly pull up to a little horse shoe shaped parking area.
I come to find out that I am at the Grand Canyon. There is a railing only about shin high and a sign in the center of the horse shoe which reads, "Caution, do not step over the railing. You may fall off the edge and to your death if you do." I suddenly step over the edge and as soon as I do I reach behind me and the railing is now as high as the middle of my rib cage.
I'm facing the canyon while holding onto the railing as these agents all pull up and start yelling at me over the mega phone. They tell me to come back over the railing and to give myself up. I think to myself that they are going to kill me no matter what happens so I decide to jump. I fall as the air and face of the cliff rush past my view and am about to do a belly flop on the bottom as I wake up doing one of these belly flops in my bed.

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