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I dreamed that allseeingeye of everything2 was trying to kill me. It was a case of mistaken identity, like he thought I’d killed his mother or something, but his anger and thirst for revenge were implacable. He set all manner of ingenious but deadly traps along the routes of my daily routines. The one I remember most clearly was a rotating turret of six computer-controlled handguns set to track and fire repeatedly when they sensed heat.

Somehow I managed to avoid death time and again, and I was remarkably tolerant, taking no action for two weeks. Finally I got fed up, found allseeingeye at a backyard picnic with his family, and shot him in the shoulder with a gun that I apparently own. I also told him in no uncertain terms to leave me alone. He tried to play innocent like he had no idea why I would shoot him and tried to pass me off as a paranoid wacko.

Lord Brawl launched a full investigation which cleared me of what allseeingeye thought I had done and found allseeingeye guilty of attempted murder. ASE was busted back down to ordinary user as punishment and I was provisionally allowed to keep my admin status, “provided you don’t shoot any more everythingers.”

In the end, there was a scene where allseeingeye gruffly apologized for trying to kill me while we were standing on an old wooden boat dock on a lake shore in the late afternoon. I apologized for shooting him in front of his whole family and ruining their picnic, and expressed my hope that he would regain full range of motion in his arm soon.

This is all odd because I have never met allseeingeye, nor Lord Brawl.

In my dream, allseeingeye had brown hair.

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