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I am walking up the hill from my home to the highway. There is no sidewalk and both the pavement to my left and the wooded area to my right are covered in debris. It's hard to walk, as I have to pick my way over fallen branches and pools of mud and melting snow. I step over one thick branch and realize it's not a branch at all, but the leg of a dead deer. Looking ahead of me, I see more dead deer, all stiff and bloated, lying in my path. I decide to head back down the hill, but upon turning see that my path home is also littered with these corpses. I see no way forward and no way back.

I and someone else had made a replication of a really ancient submarine. It wasnt even a real submarine, as it had only large wheels to move against the bottom of the sea. The ship was shaped like a red giant anvil, with the large metal hatch on the top of it going over the egg-shaped travelling space. In front of the ship was a mound with a head-sized metal ball in it, and the ball had a long cylinder of glass going through it, making it an eye-like window. The wheels at the rear end of the ship looked like ones in the first tractors ever built, and the front of the ship had only smooth bottom so it wont take too much friction while pushing forward. Anyway, we were planning a suprise assault somewhere, so we got in and some other people sealed the hatch and lowered the ship into the sea with a loading crane. The inside of the ship was built from two sections, the rear part had a large hampster wheel with axels to the wheels, and I got into the front to steer the submarine. Somewhy, there was a wall between the two sections, but there was a wide hole under the wall so both of us could see the window at the middle of the bottom of the ship. The people at the dock hadnt sealed the hatch with both huge bolts it was supposed to, but it held with one anyway, so they lowered the ship into the water. I heard the water running around the ship, and soon even the eye-window got dimmed as the water blocked the sunlight. The wires got disengaged, and the ship started sinking while my crewmate started walking in the hampster wheel and I grabbed on the handles of the eye. The water was all brown, and no matter where I rotated the ball, I didnt see anything so I left it alone. My crewmate said that we were about to reach the bottom, so I looked at the bottom window. I started seeing something blurry but paler than the water, and withing the same second the sand bottom chrushed against the window. The eerie voice of the impact echoed in the little ship, but my crewmate didnt stop walking in the wheel so we were on our way already. The travel proceeded smoothly with the constant voice of sand swishing against the bottom of the front part of the ship, cut off only by few random rocks those made the ship slow down as it climbed over them. I was a bit worried when the hard rocks hit against the window, but my crewmate said that the glass wasnt built to hold on by its structure, but by its exxaggerated robustness, so I calmed down a bit, but I dont remember what happened then..

A Long Night

  • Watching an avante garde stage play with Genery. We have to leave a few minutes before the ending and we've been instructed to exit the building by going on stage and walking out through the back. We comply and are congratulated by the cast and director as we make our exit. Hired for a babysitting gig by one of my CS professors, we stop by his house beforehand to pick up the kid's favorite toy: a large monkey with a tin drum. It's pretty late at night and the prof is sleeping soundly as we sneak in the front door. Genery comments on the fact that he's an enormous human being. We pick up the toy but accidently awaken the man. He's not upset and engages us in conversation for a bit. While we're talking, a faint voice comes from the front door asking for food. Somehow we know it's a ruse and the prof runs into his room for a gun. I jump down the hallway thinking Genery will follow but she stands there dumbfounded. I grab her and push her down as a dark shape appears in front of me and makes a quick gesture towards me. I feel a little prick near my arm and continue my movement of falling to the ground. Once there I feel the area with my other hand and discover I've been stabbed and am bleeding profusely from the left side of my chest. I am able to communicate this much to Genery before I pass out from blood loss. Dream ends.

  • Sitting on a bench, a friend of mine appears, David Shue. I haven't seen him in a long time and he berates me for not staying in touch with him. We then join a group of people, including my dad, and drive to a nearby house. I am forced to drive a manual shift car which I am a little rusty at, nearly getting into an accident as I attempt a u turn in the middle of Farmer's Lane near the freeway onramp. We arrive at the house and are greeted by the actor Christopher Plummer. The other people I'm with depart, leaving me with Plummer and his secretary. They tell me they're going to make me into a movie star and begin to take digital photos of me. There is a live feed to a workstation on the desk but it's going through some realtime transform and my face looks like an alien's head inside a metal cage. This gives me the creeps and I back away. Plummer shows me a digital pad with slides of computer generated girls, as if to entice me. I keep backing away and Plummer loses it, shouting metaphysical curses at me which imply that he knows I think this is a dream but I am sadly mistaken. Fire then leaps towards me and catches my shirt. I stumble out the door and run down the street. I have the rare existential fear of the lucid dreamer who encounters a self aware dream demon. As I catch my breath I wonder if it all wasn't an illusion, as his threats had implied, if my whole waking world wasn't actually the fantasy and this horror film the reality.

  • My girlfriend's roommate stands over her sleeping form and asks me, "Does she always wear ear plugs while she sleeps?" In my own bed, I shrug in response.

  • Between dreams: I glimpse the background dream machinery. I witness the dream compiler physically assemble a reality from the dream source code.

  • Swimming in a river near Yreka, California with my friend Adam's entire family and my friend August. A cardboard display has scanned photographs of Adam's brother Erik's new baby boy, Sage. Everyone is so proud and happy for the new addition to the family and this river party is to commemorate the event.

  • I meet Mario at a closed gas station at the top of a hill near some railroad tracks. He drives up in his white Suburu and I tell him I'll meet him somewhere else in town. He agrees and drives back down the hill. I climb in my white Ford Escort, eyeing the locals across the street at a convenience store, and follow him down the hill.

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