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  • My husband and I took the kids out but then it was raining and we decided not to go to Six Flags after all but just to the park downtown. We thought it would rain there too but it was sunny. Downtown I got stuck taking tiny turns, impossibly narrow streets, constantly waiting for the light to change. A cop yelled at me for not using my turn signal. I thought, I could just drive across the grass and get to those beautiful half-naked women. But the cop was still there and would have had a fit. After we parked I dropped my chocolate milk carton and went to pick it up. The bully cop was screaming from across the street that I was a litterbug, he was going to fine me and have me jailed. He never yelled at anyone else. I could not see his face. I got mad and asked the people in front of us if they knew his name. They were nervous, walked away from me, muttering, "Constituent." I decided to walk to the police department to ask his name but my wife (yes) said "It's Saturday, they'll be closed." So we went to the airport instead. One room for everyone - passengers, controllers, backstage airport people. No planes were coming, but they were ready in case they did.

  • SHE had alread found a man, so she was gone that night, but she was heavy in my thoughts. HE was still with me, but distracted, and I let him go. I found a place to sit by myself in the audience (rows and rows of seats facing nothing, no screen, no stage) and felt horribly self-conscious. I left and walked down the street by myself, too close to traffic, too dark for safety.

  • We rode through the forest looking for hard evidence that there was a myth taking place. We were making fun of the locals until we saw the unicorns chasing each other. They were smaller than horses, and stronger. Then there were the kittens who had lost their mother but put out a signal to everyone that they needed milk. A basset hound came, and a llama, and one of the unicorns. They were trying to keep the kittens alive. It was working for some of them. The largest was palm-sized. The smallest was like a drop of water, a pinprick of squirming fur on the ground. We knew it would die soon - we could only hope the unicorn, or someone, would save it somehow.
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