I found myself in a department store world, and I had done something wrong, so some security people were coming at me, but I had a level 1 gun so I fought them off and managed to kill maybe four of them, looting their bodys for upgrades. I didn't get any armour but I did get a decent kit weapon which I quickly put together. It looked a lot like those bars they put at the entrance to some shops as the shoplifting detectors.

I realized I had set off some alarms so I ran into another part of the store, sporting clothes I think. I was looking at armour on a stand when a couple of shifty guys came up and were negotiating some kind of deal with me, involving a hat full of what looked like eggs. I noticed that it was a trap and they were going to rip me off, so I jumped for my weapon which I had layed aside, pulled it up and faced off with one of them, the other bolting for the exit. We first yelled about our weapons being superior or something, and then he fired at me and missed. I fired my oval shaped pipe construct at him and several shimmering chrome balls flew at him, blowing him up.

I got the hat full of eggs as my winnings from the battle, but now more alarms were going off around me with more security people approaching in the distance. I ran up an escalator and through some departments, then through a large group of doors and lobbies, towards an exit into the open. The eggs had all opened, and draped themselves as streamers that kept changing color, hanging back from my arm.

As I ran people with clothes the same color as the streamers kept asking me as I ran by if I was thirsty or if I needed medical help or whatever.

I ran onto a subway train that roared off, bursting out into sunlight. One of the other occupants explained that the ribons were help calls and if I adjusted them they would bring the helpers directly to my destination. I adjusted them and they all went brown and I woke up.

In a house.

On the shore of a lake. Two houses - one to either side of me. One house is house I was in in previous section.
I'm going to swim to an island - it's forbidden to do it. Flanders comes up with a rifle.
Me: "Come on now...six times... I swim to the island, you try to kill me... it's tradition!"
(I don't do it)
(In dream - I think "I have done this before" as in recurring dream. {So some lucidity})

On ice with hockey team before game. I'm extra player, only there just in case. Put on dented red helmet ("Stupid Helmet!") which makes me think of dented white Lego helmet.

At Jon's house. Walking... doing something. "Too bad... cats won't come out." Hear car pull into garage, get out of room. Have to be somewhere else when they get in.

Normal. Some bright, some dull.

Overall Mood
Cheerful, playful?(island scene). Some anxiety (I can't play hockey/something about Jon's parents)

This one's really fragmented. I *know* there's more... so much more... but I can't.. get it.

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