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This dream has no definite beginning or end.

It's New Year's Eve, and my dad and his "fiancee" (you will notice my use of quotation marks around that word because of my skepticism) are going to be out of town for some sort of celebration, though I don't ever find out what it is. The parents of my boyfriend, Ben, are out of town but it turns out in this dream that his father is a policeman and his mother really doesn't exist, nor does his sister.

I'm driving through a city not far from where I live, and I'm pulled over by a policeman. But it appears that I'm not really driving and with me is one of the girls off that horrible UPN show, Clueless and the entire city of Surfside that we are driving through is like Palo Alto, CA. As "luck" would have it, Ben's father is the policeman, and he has pulled us over for speeding. Only something seems weird about the exchange of the ticket because I never knew if we were really speeding or not and if we were, I couldn't figure out why.

Okay, lose Clueless girl, now I'm walking through a neighborhood a couple of blocks away from mine, which, six years ago, was just an empty field of hills and grass surrounded by a thick wooded area. And it seems like it is still that way. I am walking through homes that have just been completed, and are what I think.. open houses. I open one door, and I'm inside a massive funhouse. It's a New Year's Eve party of some sort, and I walk around inside until I find Ben and John, a friend of his. Everything in the house is color-coded and the hallways are long and each room is either empty or has some sort of function. Most of the rooms are empty, but the ones that aren't.. that I find.. are always showers. It seems like every time I go into a new room, I kiss Ben. I know other people are here with us, but I never see them. In fact, I never see John, but I know that he is with us because it didn't seem at all possible that it was just Ben and I alone. I find a door and I press my ear to it and I can hear my dad and his "fiancee" having sex. I'm shocked that they are there and disgusted as well. I tell Ben that we need to get away quick. He asks why, but I don't tell him. I frantically look for another room to go into, but every room I find now has a shower in it, and I keep thinking to myself that it would be awkward to go into a room with a shower, even if it doesn't matter--we just need to get away before my dad finds out I'm here.

While we are still in the hallway, which now the colors red and yellow are visible, my dad comes out of the room and I pull Ben and I into another room, but my dad finds us anyway. He doesn't seem angered that I am there. It was like he knew we were there all along. "I'm leaving now." Lisa approaches, "Yeah, we're leaving." Me: "What time should I be home?" My dad: "How about..." he makes some representation of a sundial with his body and I know that he wants me to be home by approximately 1. Me: "That's good. That's what time Ben has to be home too." I lied. Ben wasn't even supposed to be there either. Lisa: "It's New Year's! Don't forget to kiss him!" Me: "Huh?" They walk away. I'm now thinking about how we are supposed to get out of this house. John, who I now see, presses a button on the wall which turns the entire building into a puzzle. You have to press buttons on doors in a sequence in order to get to the next section. I'm angry at him for doing this.

Ben seems tired and I have to carry him by holding his arms up in the air and dragging his body in front of mine. His head only reaches up to my chest. He looks drugged. He doesn't want to leave. Finally, we bypass the puzzle and now we are in the lobby of the building with another puzzle to solve. The lobby looks like a hospital wing. And Ben and I sat on the floor playing a scavenger hunt-like game where we had to find star stickers.

We leave the house eventually, and I make a comment that you can see the road through the trees and my neighborhood. I was not aware that we were so close to my house. It's daylight out even if it is past midnight. I thought this was New Year's Eve, only it really must not have been. He left me and went home. I could then see a scene that I was not part of where he was talking with his dad about how much sleep he had just had.

I drive out to spot over a bridge in the woods where there is a make-out party going on. I just stand there looking disgusted at the people there before I decide to go home. A few more things happen but I'm never really sure what they are.

My dream was kind of boring for anyone else but me.

I was conducting the completed version of Beethoven's tenth symphony and ol' Ludwig himself was playing piano. Apparently we'd worked on it together, and ended up on the cover of the New York Times and Vanity Fair and GQ.

You wouldn't think so, but Beethoven can certainly dress. Ludwig Van Beethoven is, was, and shall be, most certainly def.

I love this dream. I hope I have it every night from now on.

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