Strange continuation of an earlier dream, where I was swamped by crowds in the middle of London: this time I was designing some kind of public transportation in the middle of London to help against exactly the kind of problem I had been stuck in, in the other dream.

I was planning a kind of conveyor belt that would run at ground level, right across streets and parks and whathaveyou. It was to mostly be flat, except for wedge-like raised bits just before seating. The seats were to be leather-upholstered swivel chairs, whizzing past right there on the sidewalk. I had some idea of the whole loop of conveyor stopping at intervals to allow traffic to pass over.

Then suddenly I was a woman, running about in some rougher part of London, and climbing up the sides of tenement buildings holding onto chimneystacks. I almost pulled loose a chimney, let go just before it collapsed, and shoved it back in place. A guy leaning out a window commented, came out to check it was ok, and since I was a pretty young woman invited me to lunch at a restaurant in the building I had almost torn apart. I accepted, having to keep in mind that I was a woman now and had to act the part properly. He took me up there, onto an open-air grill-type place with a buffet. He ordered something and I asked him what it was. He explained that he was having a grilled half swan, it was their specialty. I was keeping to my female role and so ordered something smaller, half a chicken.

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