It started off with a friend of mine and myself in a loading truck. We were discussing about who was going to talk to the head guy and who was going to look out. Eventually I won and got to look out. In my jacket pocket I carried a pistol while in my other two hands I carried an uzi and a desert eagle .50. The place we were at was like an old Spanish mansion, it was dirty only because there was no grass.

I hid behind these two pillars with my uzi and dester eagle in hand. One of the guards saw me and started shooting. So naturally, I shot back, my first gun of choice was the uzi. I saw the bullets spray a wall next to him, I missed. I hid back behind the pillar and heard him shoot. After he stopped I peeked back out and shot again, this time there were two of them. I sprayed the air with the uzis bullets and hit one, I watched a red line form from where the bullets hit. I hid again behind the pillar and heard the first one continue shooting at me. After he stoped I peeked out again, the uzi ran out of bullets so I shot at him with the pistol, I missed. I threw the uzi down to the floor and grabbed the pistol from my pocket, the guard shot and stopped. I peeked back out, this time there was a man and a woman running from the other side of where the guard was. The woman, out of nowhere, starts shooting at me. I sighed thinking, "Why oh why?" and shot one bullet with each pistol in unison. She clutched her throat and fell. I hid again behind the pillar and decided to get up and try to back off some. As I was backing out the guard was running towards my direction. He saw me and jumped so close to me that when I shot upwards I was afraid that I would also shoot my ear off. He fell dead. The man that was first running with the woman appeared again and I shot him twice in the stomach.

I got back into the truck and waited for my friend.

I went to bed at 2:00am today, thinking I'd finally get some sleep. I wasn't prepared for the onslaught of the most realistic dream I'd ever had.

It was way in the future and I'd grown up and gotten myself a chick (my friend Amy). Everything was going just fine until the Americans, with their nuclear bombs, decided to bomb Japan because they said, "Americans are silly." in a UN meeting (a blatant act of declaring war in my dream). Hence, World War III breaks out, for some reason it ended up being everyone against Australia and Sweden (no clue why), and the ANSAP (Australian and Swedish Army People) decided to attack Tokyo (even though the Chinese own that now).

As a counterstrike the Japanese release the fearsome Godzilla, though they find that he is complacently disobedient and starts fucking up Japan, taking down buildings and the likes. After a year the Japanese and Chinese have become extinct thanks to Godzilla, despite the millions of nukes America has been bombing him with (perhaps that’s what killed the Asians and not Godzilla?).

Of course Godzilla isn't happy with the extinction of only two races, and so he wanders off through the ocean and starts attacking Australia. As you would expect my chick and I were quite distraught, and so we got our closest friends and decided to hide in the tallest building in Australia (because it was the least likely target for Godzilla -- not).

Its not long before Godzilla comes romping our way and takes down the building. It was that time that I awake startled as thunder clapped and lightning crashed outside. I'm surprised I didn't go into cardiac arrest, I was convinced I was under siege from Godzilla. The amount of sweat pouring off me was unbelievable -- I won't ever have to go to Niagara Falls!

Anyhow I missed the end of the movie (don't you hate that?), so I never found out if the hero (me) and the chick get out safely. Perhaps tonight?

I don't dream anymore.

When I was young, I had dreams that were laced with intercontinental self-powered flight, broken mirrors that showed the faces of people I'd forgotten, gut-wrenching high speed street chases on office chairs (I'll tell you later)...

Now, sleep is a utility. I'm older - more practical.

My children have dreams, and sometimes they tell me about them.

I owe them some dreams.

I'm in a playground I recognize as being one I used to go to with my ex-girlfriend, in Sayreville, NJ. I'm playing on a small merry-go-round; it's about 6 feet in diameter and made of tin o aluminum, so it doesn't really work up all that much angular momentum. Somehow, though, I know that if I manage to apply enough torque to spin it up to 331/3rpma, it will act as a time machine. I therefore proceed to try all manner of methods to apply such torque.

I succeed in spinning up the merry-go-round, but instead of me being transported forward in time, an M&M from the future has been transported backwards -- but it's not an M&M, it's really my girlfriend. She attempts to seduce me, but she has ulterior motives; apparently if I sleep with her, her future M&M-self won't be eaten.

Later, I'm in a hospital. My clothes have been taken away from me, and people are attempting to feed me a charcoal milkshake. I wake.

aHow this relates to 88 mph, I'm not sure.
At an public place with lots of ATMs available; many people around; seemed to be near Harvard Square judging by the age and look of the crowd.

Three guys took my ATM card and my keys, although they didn't seem interested in my keys... they wanted to throw my keys underneath the ATM so it would take me a couple of minutes to get them back... However, every time they'd drop or throw them, someone would pick up the keys and give them back to the thieves. Finally the guy holding my card tossed the key to the third thief, who slid them along the ground so they ended up against the wall under an ATM. I went to pick up the keys and saw the first guy looking at my balance. He printed it out and handed it to the second thief, and you could see how pleased and surprised they were at how much was in there.

I was trying to think of what to do, trying to remember what my withdrawal limit is, trying to remember whether my cell phone was in my pocket...

I was not frightened, only inconvenienced.

I left the dorm, which was not functioning properly, and eventually met my parents at the airport. We were on the corner of a platform with a fairly steep escalator leading up to it. The building was very tall, with more open space than I would expect in an airport, and plenty of light streaming in through the windows. It almost (but not quite) reminds me of an airport I saw either

  • when I was very young, or
  • in a movie.

Home was nice. I watched movies with old friends. It was somebody's birthday, so we went to a fancy restaurant at the mall for the festivities. Something was amiss: conspiracies everywhere. The dancer from from Legend of Mana was there, looking for her brother, who was off shoplifting somewhere.

Everything fell apart. People arguing with each other. Tables upended. Everyone left. And I was all alone in a dark room littered with decorations.

I was with a bunch of friends that I think I know, but as usual couldn't really see their faces so I'm unsure as to who it really was.

We were all at a bar and I started drinking which is strange because I usually abstain from alcohol. The drinks were wierd too because they were all different flavors.

I think the flavors were the most vivid part of the dream because I can swear I could taste the carrot juice flavored one. After I got drunk I woke up.

They say that we dream what that front part of the brain, I forget the name, inhibits during the day. But where this came from? I have no idea...

I got really trashed and ended up sleeping (vividly) on my friend Jasmin's couch, but right before I went to sleep she made me a peanut butter and honey sandwhich, which I had never had before.

Jasmin showed me her spreadable honey (and that's not an innuendo), which was another new thing for me. It was really just honey with a different (slightly buttery) consistency. It was a unique idea, (and the sandwich was very good!), but other than that it wasn't all that remarkable.

When I slept I had the most surreal dream about spreadable lettuce. It looked like bright green algae with a grainy texture similar to my sister's exfoliating facial mask and it came in a little tub like butter. There was also a low cholesterol margarine equivolent. I remember something about it trying to communicate by bubbling prime numbers in morse code.

Very unusual.

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