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Apparently I didnt have a part in the dream, but the main character was a woman from a exploration team exploring a jungle.. They had met peacefull natives, and the main character had been so charmed by their culture that she had married the emperor of the village. Everything had gone well, untill the emperor tripled and hurt his leg. Citizens of the village gasped in horror, the emperor looked back at them with fearfull eyes, and the woman had no idea what was happening because the emperor had gotten only a small scratch on his knee. The citizens executed him, because in their culture the emperor must seem perfect, and if he gets injured, its a sign of mortality. The worst part was that when an emperor dies, his wife must go to the afterlife with him, which the woman didnt want. There was huge totem pole-like pillar made from large sarcofages of each previous emperor, each one with hair like The Leningrad Cowboys. The woman started climbing up the pillar, because it was next to a large statue of their goddes (Like Statue Of Liberty exept smaller and it was rising a cup instead of torch.), and she couldnt go anywhere else because the ground below was filled with villagers wielding torches and clubs. When she reached the top of the pillar, she leaped at the statue, and just managed to get a grip of its crown. The villagers shouted and tried to throw her with sticks, but she got herself on the hand of the statue. Then, I woke up..

dem bones was going to make me a god, but I had to change my handle to .yam_ and enter my address. I was very suspicious and kept putting it off.

I had three boys under my wing and we slept and slept and slept. I was happy.

my sister is trying to take over the planet again.

I go for a walk to Willows Beach to have a smoke. (This is not unusual, I do it nearly everyday.) When I get there it is night, and there is a man walking at the edge of the water beyond the reach of the street lamps. I can just barely see him, although he is quite close. I need to reach him, he has something to tell me that I need to know, but he keeps slipping away into the shadows before I can reach him.

Last night, I saw a field in my head. It was in bluish tones and darkness. Like having a true full moon in winter. In a dry winter. I looked all around me. I saw what seemed to be bodies. All tied to poles. When I looked closer, each had a word on them. A feeling like happy or angry or humiliated. As I was looking around, someone came up to me and hugged me. It was the only feeling still alive in my mind. It was 'Sadness'. I woke up an hour and a half after I went to bed. And cried.

At home. Yeah, at Mom's house. All the old familiar stuff like really good food. [Indrani has been insulting my taste in food lately.] Walking through the living room, saw the hammock very clearly. Went to my room, called some girl I liked in high school, couldn't figure out a way to meet her within any reasonable amount of time. Some other girl I liked in high school showed up shortly thereafter. She had driven right up to the front door.

Somehow ended up snowboarding. [Spent much of the day pushing a grocery cart through the snow due to poor planning.] Fell on my face and saw a sonnet written in the snow. The first line went "I too have known a woman's firey wrath...." Each letter was inscribed in a colored circle, and the 'a' and the apostrophe were little flames. [I had just seen the movie Bedazzled.]

Recurring South Park theme throughout the dream. [I had suggested something about cheese snacks at the grocery store, and was ignored.] At the end, I became one of the characters and was playing tennis against Eric Cartman on the old court. He ate the net.

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