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Ok, here's a dream I felt I had to share, both because it's bizarre beyond all bizarritude, and because it's jam-packed with noders (duh, I went to A Tail of Two Monkeys this weekend).

The earliest part of the dream I remember has me talking to an unspecified female noder who is also my neighbor (why can't real life be like this?) about my soon-to-be-ex. We're in the middle of preparing for a nodermeet, which is taking place in an arena-like structure, and she is getting ready to lay down a bunch of straw (as floorcovering).

Suddenly it starts to rain (it IS raining outside tonight). We all hurry to tandex's house.

Strong_Bow79 and I find ourselves in a tower of some kind. We go to the top and sit in a structure that looks like it's made of Legos. This turns out to be an experimental/demo model of a 'flying saucer' (i.e. it hovers noiselessly without any visible means of propulsion). The drawback is, since it's a demo model the microphone and camera pick up what's going on inside and broadcast it, so we can't talk. We're now looking for a robot with an index finger that glows red when you're moving towards him (E.T., anyone?) and green when you're moving away. We hover around the city for awhile.

Suddenly we spot a red glow coming from the back seat/trunk area of an unidentified female noder's car with about 6 kids in it. We land and get her and the kids out, then the car races away empty. We run to a house with a swingset, but some of us are separated on the way by a large chain-link fence.

It turns out that Spackle is the robot, and he kidnaps the unidentified noder's daughter Danielle. He threatens to epoxy a Lego tail on her (Strong_Bow79 is in favor of letting him do this because she's an aggravating little beast) if we do not give him an unnamed piece of technology which looks suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner canister.This, for some reason, horrifies us tremendously, and we plan a rescue mission.

There are four or five other kids running around the house where Danielle is being held, and they take it upon themselves to stop Spackle. This results in a Macaulay Culkin-esque comedy of errors as our team tries to rescue Danielle. Strong_Bow79 shatters the technology to prevent it from falling into Spackle's hands. We all run away from Spackle, searching for Danielle. For some ungodly reason I have a can of Shasta Black Cherry Soda to throw at Spackle as my sole defensive weapon.

Then I wake up, and mentally apologize to Spackle for casting him as a ferocious deranged robot with a glowing index finger...

Spackle says re Dream Log: July 10, 2003: I have no idea why you are apologizing. I get to be a fuckin' robot. that rules

I was walking my (now deceased) dog, Danny. I stopped to watch an airplane fly. It was huge and rectangular, very flat, and marked "POW/MIA". It was flying smoothly and normally until it began to pull upward, then rolled and dove into the ground. A great fireball erupted and debris flew -- a piece of the fuselage about the size of my forearm landed and bounced into my leg.

I walked toward a crowd of people and showed them the debris. As we stood, a line of planes as dense as a line of army ants made a slash across the sky, seemingly unending. Faster triangular formations of smaller jets flew to either side. I thought that it must be war and I felt scared, then I woke up.

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