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Dream #1

I was in the gym it was physical education and I was the only boy in class. Today we would have to throw deflated footballs as far as we could. Everytime I tried to throw the ball it would only land a couple of feet in front of me. The teacher found this so amusing that she said she could probably find a kid in the lower years that could throw further. She went off and came back with such a kid. Of course you know what happened next; the kid threw the football further than me. All the girls started to laugh at me. I picked up the football again and tried to throw it but it was always so heavy when I tried. This ain't no frigging dream this is a frigging nightmare!

Dream #2

<TMI>Wet dream, four guys and a girl (sounds like a frigging porn-a-like of four weddings and a funeral don't it?). Mental note: must find a girlfriend soon..</TMI>

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I didn't want to see the X-Men film in the afternoon, the others had gotten ready before they asked me. I thought there would be too many children there to really enjoy it. I stayed in my small room and put on some really thick woollen clothing.

I went downstairs and tried to zip up the back of the clothing I had discovered I was wearing. I realised it was a cotton dress and quickly changed(1)

My Step Father and one of his friends was in the living room. We watched some kind of scifi programme, with spaceships. The spaceships flew into the garden and transformed into Dennis Quaid and Matthew Perry. They sheathed their swords(2) and smoothed the white feathers around their shoulders.

My Step Father invited me to a reception to celebrate the release of a new computer - a very special computer. I agreed and we went outside to the car (The friend having wandered off). The cinema people were in the car already; I had to hang onto the side of the car tight as we drove to the office building.

The Office building was single storey and full of tables. We were served chicken and rice on separate plates. I concentrated on eating the white rice so much that someone else ate most of my chicken.

After the dinner, I sauntered (I did, really!) over to the new computers. They were a flat panel display with a flip out keyboard. I had a little trouble standing the display up but soon figured it out. I started typing really fast and was amazed that I wasn't making any mistakes. People crowded around me to see what I was doing; I was nosing around the new networks that the computer was using. The sysadmin got worried and disabled my keyboard. I got around this by using telekinesis; something I had been trying to keep secret but forgot in the heat of the moment.

Everyone was deeply shocked that I had the power of telekinesis and hadn't told anyone. I passed from group to group moving glasses and plates up and down. It occurred to me that this was a silly demonstration of my powers, so I did a long backflip over the wide table.

There was a group of gangstas where I landed. They stole my rucksack from me, but a girl took it from them. This girl was Charlotte a friend of a friend. She was 5 or 6 months pregnant. To get away from the gangstas she stood on my feet, facing toward me, and we rose slowly out of their reach.

(1) This is the first time I've ever dreamed about wearing women's clothing, should I be worried?

(2) Yes, I know swords are phallic, don't belabour the point.

it was very fucked up...

i was in the mountains with dave, and 2 other people that i seemed to know in the dream but not in real life. it was night, and there was a big avalanche, and i was the only one inside the cabin. thought i was stuck, but dug out and found dave and the other 2 people outside. the women said that dave was frozen, and that it was my fault, because i didn't dig out sooner, and how i should go get them a bag of chips! we went arround a tree, and a ranger was comming up the rode, and the guy said we should hide because they wouldn't understand about dave, but i said that was stupid. we went to where dave was at, and he wasn't frozen at all, he was warm. i started to uncover him and found that he didn't have a head. the guy ran away and i woke up. i wasn't really scared, just worried, so i though i just check up. i've seen this same mountain in other dreams.. there's a city on top that is huge, and cut into the rock, so i guess part of this one was recurring as well. just wierd!

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  • A cop who made me seriously nervous and kept shooting looks at me, convinced I'd done something. There were two silver and gold boxes on my table and he picked one up and checked inside it. He mouthed "Pot" to me, he was on the phone, pacing my apartment. It was luck he hadn't picked the one that had pot in it. It didn't occur to me until after I woke up to get pissed he'd looked without a warrant.
  • My brother's militia marching past my bedroom window. I was trying to sleep.

    A beautiful blue and white tent that someone wanted to ruin

  • Walking up my parents' driveway, breathing hard from the strain of the incline and how fast I was trying to go. My brother was at the top of the hill, disappearing and shimmering back into view. You have got to teach me how to do that,   I said. Everything, everything linked to the word "appeasement."

lucid dream:

the dream begins while i am walking down a city street, the surroundings are vivid and colorful. i am with a friend, and realizing that it's a dream, we discuss the possibilities of total freedom. our first priority was to prolong the dream for as long as we could. seeing a parking lot and wanting to test my abilities (as i have not had a lucid dream for over a month), we decide to raise hell.

the parking lot:
we both go to town destroying or damaging various vehicles. finding a gold colored minivan, i decide to focus some energy on it. i jump nearly fifteen feet into the air and hover over the van. sticking my foot into a kicking position, i accelerate my body in the direction of the vehicle. when i land near the windshield, the frame crumples like a tin can. after examining the damage, i pick the van up over my head and heave it toward another car. both the van and the car are severely damaged. we continue to walk again until we find a concert hall.

the concert hall:
we enter the large building. i observe the smell i associate with old churches when we discover we are behind the stage of an ongoing concert. there are saxaphones, trumpets, string instruments, tubas, and many other instruments playing. we run through the stage area in an effusive and loud manner. the audience is startled. i jump up, bounding weightlessly through the crowd of amazed people. when i reach the back, my friend has a saxaphone in his hand. we discuss escaping by melting through the wall. the large worry is that we would be in different places upon exiting the other side. we decide to do it, he goes first while playing the saxaphone. i follow with my arms first, followed by my torso and the rest of my body. the wall feels liquid, and i am overcome by the sheer joy of total freedom.

the other side:
as we had suspected, we were seperated on the other side. i found myself in a car falsely believing i was awake (this is called a false awakening). i then woke up to reality (i hope).

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