It was a party somewhere, I don't know, at someone's house. Usually my dreams are relatively silent i.e. there isn't other sounds but just talking and in the best case maybe some quiet background sounds. However, now I was able to hear NWA playing on the cd-player. Eazy-E was also blasting a mic rapping the rhymes of Ruthless Villain.

I came to party with lot of friends and then I sat down on an armchair. There were many people who wanted to travel around the world and they asked if I wanted to join. Fatima was going to Canary Islands and V-PL was planning a journey to New York. I liked the idea of laying on the beach with Fati but the most I liked Ari's proposal, whatever it was, I didn't hear it properly.
We ended up checking out the last minute offers and finally the net. At (unpaid advertisement) there was a very cheap trip to New York: Only 1240mk! (~$177) And first we saw that it was only 124mk! The last digit was encoded with different colour and it was hard to notice it. However, I eventually agreed to visit NY with Ari..

It was the funeral of some kid who was younger than me, that I didn't know. I don't know why I went, but it seemed like the whole town was there. Certainly everyone in high school was. It was at a huge cathedral next to the high school, and we had to climb up lots of steps to get to the auditorium where the service was. I think we skipped the service part. At least I don't remember it at all.

I was trying to be respectful enough. Was it wrong of me to smile? I kept telling my friends that I had no idea who this kid was or even what he looked like. They were silent and serious and I was separated from them and annoyed.

Everyone left from the funeral riding in the backs of pick-up trucks. It was night. We were going to a party at Breana's house. The house in the dream was not the house I know her to have in real life.

None of my friends were there, but then everyone left for something, and I was alone waiting for them to come back. I was downloading music on the internet. There was a list of songs available, and messages from the people. One of them was courtesy of wonko's mp3 server with a message from wonko saying "I need a hug". I was going to email him or something, but it scrolled, and I kept refreshing and hitting the back button trying to get the message back, but I couldn't.

Because of the death and being in the empty house, I got kind of spooked. For some reason, the solution to this was to change clothes. While I was changing, two men came in. I was trying to stay close enough to the wall that they couldn't see me, but I didn't stop changing. I was afraid of them.

I am not sure how this transitioned, but I was suddenly the girl character in the book I read last night... Janie Johnson from Whatever Happened to Janie. I even had her boyfriend, except instead of the tall and athletic Reeve from the book, this guy was being played by Isaac Hanson. Except he wasn't nearly so good-looking as Isaac Hanson.

He was supposed to be enchanted with tiny, beautiful Janie, and I was indeed much shorter than him. We were outside on some sort of dock. He kissed me, but when I kissed him back he grimaced and said he didn't like my raspberry lip balm. I was mad because I wanted my admiration, damn it. He wasn't even good looking, he should be thrilled to have me.

We went out on the lake on a sort of floating platform. There was some brawny guy who was the captain. I was supposed to be the guest of honor, but no one was paying attention to me. I kept getting confused. I was thinking of bragging to my friend Jeni that I got to kiss Isaac Hanson, but I looked at this guy and knew it wasn't Ike. I wanted to stop being Janie. I would have thought being a tiny entrancing curly-redhead was the best, but it certainly wasn't, and I didn't want to be with the ungracious Reeve any longer. I kept getting the name Reeve confused with the name Ryan, but I knew that Ryan was a separate person even more elusive than the Reeve/Isaac/neither guy.

We started back for shore, and I was sitting on the edge of the platform wondering if I would fall off and how cold the water would be and how much my clothes would hold me down and whether I would be able to swim to shore, when I woke up.

In the time when the elves came, they agreed that humanity must be enclosed. Our technology was restricted; our lives set to 70 years; our houses remade in brick. Yet we flourished; and the broken man who had made the first treaty with the elves rose again to greatness, leading humanity to a proudness that shamed the elves.

On his 70th day, in the dying chambers of the brick hospital, he was asked by what gentle poison he would like to die. The elves offered to make an exception of him, but were relieved when he refused - they were a little scared of him, in the end. He smiled at the question and said "Ahh, my death is yet a thousand years in the future, by the spear of the Mombi Maghree."

Where the knowledge came to him from, he did not know, but it was to be true: in that moment he was transported, and found himself in a bed chamber, one thousand years in the future.

He took the name Fingol Montaratin. Fingol, for an elf, Montaratin, from a muttered curse in the bedroom. It meant fool, and he felt it suited him.

Okay, then he had some weird adventures. There were weird paint-based contraceptives which were involved in some goofy plot; there was a seven year old girl who was secretly a sexual predator and whose body was covered in tiny, crazed, wandering eyes. His new lover was murdered in a plot by some idiot evil count. Finally he was about to jump to his death - he was suicidal after he found out in his earlier life that the young lovers he took were secretly laughing at him, were elected by a secret lottery, and he was going to jump 387 feet to his death, through a paper banner with the foot tattoos for marriage and falseness on it - the feeling was cemented when his new lover was killed. However, as he jumped, he had a mid-air battle with some hoobajoob and died with a spear through his belly but saved the town. or something. All in all he reminded me of a cross between don quixote and aragorn. I can't figure if I was him or a hidden narrator or something. It was odd.

Ahh I almost forgot the part where he was an expert pediatrician / radiologist; where the boy who was his brother who had been cryogenically frozen and revived 1000 years later was introduced; when he was getting chewing gum as heart medication; and when he sold his thousand year old Nortel shares to buy the company that Trimark became. And there were castles everywhere

After Alien Dreamtime

After an evening watching a Terence McKenna lecture video, listening to a McKenna spoken word performance from a rave and generally discussing the amazing intellect, articulacy, and prophet-like futurist visions of this incredible man, I lay down to sleep and inevitably dreamt of dear Terence.

  • We're sitting on a picnic table near some anonymous office building. The weather is warm and the breeze wafts fragrance from the flower beds nearby. We discuss, of course, the near future. I tell Terence that I've heard the many angles and interpretations he's suggested for what will happen December 21, 2012, but I want to know truly what he believes the subjective experience of the eschaton will feel like. Will we all go into hyperspace at once or will it be a gradual apocalypse? Terence eyes me calmly with his halcyon gaze and takes another drag on the joint before passing it to me and answering.

    "Patience, son. Use your imagination and dream up a thousand fantastic scenarios for mass Enlightenment, for time travel, hyperspatial breakthrough, cosmic consciousness and ultra-intelligence. Dream and dream, but keep in mind that the real thing will be infinitely more transcendental. We are on the edge of the unthinkable. The only thing that can be predicted with certainty is that prediction will fail. In the meantime, enjoy these last few years--whistle, smile and laugh your way into eternity."

    I take a long drag and pass the joint back to Terence. We sit in silence, enjoying the sun and the music of wind through the trees. I think, "It's going to be a beautiful day."

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