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Ooh, ack...

Another Everything Dream. I was writing a furry story to demonstrate gemination in a conlang. (Mwerevu suggested it, but I don't remember what the plot was supposed to be.) A bunch of people's names had their consonant clusters brutally simplified, but all I remember was "Segnbora-t -> Sennorat".

It posted in a bunch of separate writeups on the same node. I don't know why. Every single one of them got a C! and I was terribly frightened.

Luckily before it got any more gruesome I was awakened by one of the RAs who came in to change my air filter.

I feel defective.

My first dream for a while. Quite vivid. Dreamed I was still on honeymoon. Large fish were approaching me menacingly, but couldn't get to me because of a large cage (which I couldn't see).

The fish were really of the cute and friendly variety, but were scary because of their huge size.

I dreamed several dreams about my deceased friend, that I wrote about yesterday in my node In Remembrance of Oscar.
In one of these dreams I was talking to him at his funeral about his very own death.
In another one I was talking to his mother who I've not seen in a long time either, about his death, oddly no one seemed to know how he died in my dreams.
In the final one I was with him, on patrol the day he died, I don't even know exactly how he died yet, but I was there in my dream.
I was woken up by my girlfriend who said I was yelling, sweating, and kicking. I woke up took a bath and came to work. This is gonna end up driving me crazy.

  • Living in an 80's sit-com, wondering why the entire cast had mall bangs and terrible fashion sense and didn't have last names.

  • Sitting on the stairs watching a poorly disguised Minnie Driver pick her way through the crowd. She was disgusted that no one recognized her.

  • In a communal shower next to Madonna who was seven feet tall and shooting a scene for some new movie.

  • The trapeze artists moved in tandem, clinging to one another in the air, while the rained on by-standers jeered. They were all the dispossessed: prostitutes, tranvestites, midgets; their sequins and feathers dripping, while the make-up ran and pooled around their feet.

  • A beautiful tall black man tried to teach me kung fu; there was sex in the air between us.

I really haven't figured this one out yet...

- / +

  • Lying with my arms around a man who was kind of John Travolta and kind of the boy from Shag and kind of James and kind of a puppy. We both knew I wouldn't be there for long.
  • I'd never seen so many cops in one place as the crowd we drove through. There was a woman crying but I knew she was the bad one. Inside I asked a guy what was going on and he said his wife had just been murdered. I had no idea how to handle this. I ended up saying nothing.
  • Stocking the clearance toys. Found some legos for three cents but I still stole them.
  • I was outside collecting dimes from the grass. Noah walked up and said You don't want to know the truth, we will never be able to talk to each other again. I tried to sound wise but didn't know what he was talking about. I found a stack of cash but he said Look, and it turned into Monopoly money.
  • edebroux and I were coming out of a movie and she was bitching about her stereo. I ran a red light right in front of the cops. They didn't notice. Then we were on an escalator and I asked the guy in front of me where it was going and he handed me a quilt and said We're all going to help Zach move. You know, Zach from that show. I knew he meant Zachary Taylor Thomas but I also knew he was wrong and that it was just Zach that kid I know. He was going to have back surgery soon. Zach didn't look like himself and the injections had made his face puffy. When I hugged him he did not respond. I whispered in his ear that I would leave him alone, and went to talk to his cats.

    This node is not about sex or politics. It is not exciting in any way. I do not want your damn crummy votes. Take them elsewhere. I hate you all.

  • Elvis Meets Stash

    • I'm staying with my girlfriend, Genery, in a posh hotel in downtown San Francisco. We get dressed up and go down to the fancy restaurant on the first floor. Our intention is to get blitzed over dinner on red wine. After a couple of bottles, the waiter asks us if we've been invited to the party on the mezzanine. I lie and say we have. He asks to see the invitation and I concentrate my lucid dreaming powers (read 'use The Force'), reach into my pocket and hand him a little laminated card. He accepts it and leads us up the stairs to the party. It turns out to be a music show as there are rows of chairs facing an area with a band. We sit and soon enough Elvis appears amid much hooting and hollering. He sings a few numbers but mostly dances. Then he asks me to dance up there too because he's "seen my groovy moves". I oblige him and summarily upstage him.

      Later on the hotel is bombed by F-15s and we escape on the back of a fire truck.

    Me and my significant other were walking next to each other. I complemented her, and she smiled. I thought about how beautiful she is. She sa....BZZZT.

    I wake up. No more dream. My pager is going off. It's her. I'm too tired to feel my legs, so I fall back asleep, pager still in hand. It vibrates again. I once again wake up and feel badly because I don't have the energy to call her back.

    She calls me in the morning and tells me about the dream she had about me. Imagine that.
    I finished filling out forms to adopt a child and realized, after I'd left the office, that I had no idea what age the child would be. Automatically my mind started running through scenarios of the interactions of this hypothetical child and my three-year-old daughter; the variations depending on the age of the adoptee.

    My SO was having trouble reprogramming one of the speed-dial buttons on our telephone. In trying to re-insert the same number as before, he kept hitting the speed-dial button as part of the programmed sequence. I saw immediately that this was creating an infinite loop.

    i was a big funny-looking fat guy working at a radio station in which all of the rooms were given names that corresponded to directories of UNIX filesystems. i was giving two people of indiscriminate gender a tour, and i remember saying something like, "and if you come back later i can show you /bin and /sbin!"

    My last dream log

    One of those nap dreams... very sketchy. To give the dream a little context, Mike is my ex-boyfriend (see yesterday's day log).

    • I am in a hotel - Mike is there, and so is a couple of people from my work. I am very, very jealous, because Mike gave everybody a glitter card except for me. This consciousness of my jealousy permeates the dream.
    • I am on a high floor, and I am going down to the third level. The hotel is dimly lit, but it's daylight, and the elevator buttons are very ornate, all bronze swirling patterns.
    • Everyone is in a rush to get to a certain floor. I go past the floor and into the lobby, looking for Mike. I am going to talk to him under the pretense of needing something, but I know this is really a front to talk to him.
    • I get to the lobby and somebody directs me to Mike. The computer repair guy from my work is there. I don't actually end up talking to Mike though, and I decide to go home.
    • I am in a busy city, walking down a hilly street to my "home". I am angry and frusterated. Brandon, an old co-worker, is there, jogging. He's wearing typical jogging gear - tank and shorts, which is sort of weird because he's not the sportsy-type.
    • I stop to talk to him and a couple of other people, older than me - I forget who they are, but I know them. They are telling me that there is a big stash of weed in the hotel and that's why everybody is going to a certain floor - to get in on the stash. We are sitting on a big rock. It is sunset, very pretty.
    • One of the guys goes back to the hotel to get in on the stash. Brandon is laughing, saying it's not true.
    • I want to ask Brandon for a cigarette, because I feel its justified due to my bad mood, but he jogs away before I can ask him. I tell myself that it's better anyway because I quit.
    • I walk home through a dark underground tunnel, lit with yellow lights.
    • I get home and remember that Mike has given me a glitter card that says "Running girl" (or something like that) on the front. The card doesn't satisfy me because it was given to me out of obligation. It is sitting on top of my stereo. Mike is outside my room.

    I guess I remembered more than I thought, though the sequence of events may not be correct.

    Another dream I remember....this usually happens when I get sick.

    I am playing frisbee golf on a course that I don't know very well. It's in a relatively lush wooded area, not like my present home in Southern Califormina, but more like a nice suburb in Washington state.One of my discs flies into a kind of drainage pipe, and a passing player tells me that I have to follow it into the pipe.

    I get in the pipe, rescue my disc, then follow the pipe down, Half-Life-style, until it empties into a small pool at a nice house on a steep hillside. A kid in the pool tells me that the basket I need to get my frisbee into is at the top of another hill that he points out.

    The top of the hill is about 300 feet away, and the basket is slightly obstructed by trees. I select my driver, and throw it as hard as I can, but I release too soon at too sharp an angle, and my disc embeds itself in the opposite hillside.

    I climb down the hill from the nice house, but the other hillside is too steep and too overgrown to make a direct trip up to retrieve my disc. At the bottom of the valley between the two hills, there is a small path, and I notice a sign that directs me to follow the path around the second hill to further holes. I follow the path around to find some expert players throwing their discs at distant baskets in three holes, side by side. The holes are on top of wide, grassy lanes that look like ski slopes that have been converted for the summer.

    When everyone is finished throwing, I walk up one slope to the top of the hill, then carefully climb down to look for where my disc landed. As is standard in frisbee golf, a couple of the other people climb down to help me look. No one finds the disc I threw, but I find, embedded into the soft dirt of the hillside, several lost discs that other people threw and abandoned. A couple of the 'discs' are actually soft blue rectangles, and I am informed by one of the other players that these are the best kind.

    I thank the other players for helping me look, and I give them a couple of the frisbees I found.

    I was driving down the road in my car. My cousin Jason was the passenger. We were on Warner street, comming up on the St. Clemments Church in Medford (right on the medford/somerville line).

    There was a woman standing in the middle of the road. She was completely naked but with a thick powder all over her body. It was white. Looked like wet flour or some kind of paste. She was very well built with long hair.

    We pulled up next to her. I remember asking her if she needed help. She said no. I got the feeling that she may be mentally ill, but I wasn't sure. She was very distant, eyes not really looking at anything, just stareing off into the distance.

    She said that she didn't need help, she was bringing this package somewhere, I think to bury it. The conversational details are fuzzy. I asked her if she needed a ride (knowing that no good could come of leaving her out on the street at night naked).

    She got into the car. The Package was a container, either a bag or a box with a few dead birds in it. I think they were pets of hers or something.

    Thats all I remember of the dream.

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