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Me and two other guys were lying on the grass without shirts. (IRL, I don't know these guys.) A young girl, maybe 16, approaches us saying she wants to meet a Finnish blonde. All of us are Finns and I'm even a blonde. We look at each others and start to talk English trying to confuse the girl. Basically we just make fun of her joking who's blonde and who's not. She kinda guesses that we gotta be Finns but she can't be sure. For some reason she doesn't want to count me as a blonde. I suspect it's the dirtyness of my dreadlocks. I almost take it as an insult and I try to convince her about the colour of my hair.

Eventually one of us gets annoyed enough by the sweet little girl and goes away. We, me and my remaining friend, start to leave soon as well. The girl gets pissed and wants us to show her some respect. She's still somewhatta confused whether we are Finns or not. I take my bike and say: "No gyyd, mie spieken finska." which is nothing but mumbo-jumbo, sounding bit like mixture of Savo (Strong Finnish accent), German and Swedish. The girl is delighted -- she thinks it was Finnish and now she's convinced that I'm a Finnish blonde she was looking for. (She wasn't looking after me but just these properties..) My friend laughs waiting for me as we're about to leave but I'm starting to get interested in the girl even though I feel like a pedophile.

Scene transform

A French girl called Gaelle (in the dream it feeled a bit like Gaelle was this same young girl or she had some strong connection with her..) is visiting us and we are at our summer cottage. We are contemplating what protocol we should follow when going to sauna. We said that quite often all of us goes together but if Gaelle doesn't feel comfortable that way, there's no trouble with different order e.g. she going with my mum or wearing a swim suit (normally Finns don't wear anything at all in sauna but it's not a sacrilege if you do..).

I woke up

I'm late for the first day of school because I have to pack a really huge backpack before I leave for some reason (IRL, I just graduated a couple of weeks ago...), and I see one bus going by the windows, and think to myself that there's another bus I can still make. Then I see the other bus passing a point which I know IRL I can still make it by running, however, I think to myself I missed the first day of school. Pitty though, because for some reason on sundays I have 3 periods of Punk and after that a period of modern anarchism, which is all I remember from my dream schedule.

I am in a high-school-type classroom, which was poorly designed enough to have pillars all over the place. There are only seven or eight other people in the room with me.

Suddenly the room is invaded by a bunch of loud people who proceed to lock the door (locking us in the room). They begin shouting slogans and unrolling home-made banners and generally becoming confrontational with everyone.

"You're Situationists!" I cry out.

One of the Situationists says something unintelligible and begins detourning everything.

A man in a blue Izod shirt places a matte-grey bicycle upside down (so the wheels are in the air) on a table.

"This is not a bicycle." I mutter to myself, contemptuously.

"This is not a bicycle!" yells Mr. Izod, facing the other people in the room (away from me) and pointing at the not-bicycle.

I can only assume that this dream reflects some anxiety I have about confronting people with my "radical ideas". IRL I'm quite a fan of Situational things and such, but in the dream I was quite hostile to them. Hmm.

A few weeks before I graduated from college I was playing trumpetwith my band in Pittsburgh in a little club. Right before we took a break from our set I decided to play an arrangement of a Dave Matthews Band song I put together for my band. After we played it I headed over to the bar for some water. This guy came up to me and took me how I did a good job, he liked my sound, the band was tight, our improvisation was great, and the Dave Matthews song was awesome. It took me a while to recognize the saxophone player from the Dave Matthews Band. He took me over and introduced me to the rest of the band. They decided to sign me up and I toured with the band for three years before the band broke up.

I had a dream about..sitting inside a library, reading or listening to some rendition of something by Toscany, who was supposed to be an Italian playwright or other. But he was a farmer, I think, and ridiculed by his own country.

And then in part of my dream I was sitting in a parking lot. I lost the Camry for some reason. I think. I was parked out by Woodbridge High and then I left the keys sitting on top of the car and somebody stole it when I came back, which was kind of a dumb thing to do. It was like while I was moving the Acura I left the keys sitting on top of the car. The keys were stolen and we were sitting in the Acura, it was like me and Cythia or something. Doris was there. I think Cynthia's parents were in the dream. What happened was we sat there for a little bit, wondering what we should do. I think I was mostly in denial, waiting for the white car (Camry) to come back.

And they (people in general!) were preparing for war and an aircraft carrier came by and was going to pick up something. And other Aegis ships were getting moved from here to there. And there was all sorts of military machinery. So I was just waiting there. And it was really exciting for me to be able to see all the aircraft or boats or whatever being transported. But then what happened was, because we were Asian, we started getting questioned to test our English or Chinese or whatever and so I think Sandy was questioned and this man started asking questions in Chinese about random things. Like..whether or not we drank alcohol or something. And how long ago she started learning certain Chinese characters and weird stuff like that. What a crazy dream.

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