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I had this dream that my maranta plant lost all of its leaves, but in the strangest way. They came off like a one piece skin and what was left was small rubber'y type leaves. It was strange.. but not as strange as the fact that, after that, I woke up.. still in my dream and thought "I hope that was a dream because I'd hate to see my maranta lose all of its leaves!". Then I noticed it had, in my dream of course. Then I woke up for real and walked downstairs and was just sitting here when I all of a sudden thought "wait a second, it didn't lose its leaves!".

I also dreamed that I was in some strange group activity with teachers and the like.. also some black actress was there, though her name escapes me at present. We did some activity where scrawling random things on paper was the main objective, and we handed them in and they were looked over. When they got to mine they called me up and asked me what some of it meant and I just kept saying, "Does everything I do have to mean something maybe it means nothing or maybe it was just a way to spew content onto the page and get it out of my head!" Everybody was looking at me. There was a picture of a head on the paper, as I recall, amidst text that looked like it was written by none other than me.

The other dream I had involved monkeys, at a zoo of sorts, but it was a library/zoo, not just one or the other. I had won some money on those pull open lottery tickets and jumped over the counter to get my ten bucks, but then, these little monkeys were all over and I was scared of them so I tried to get out of there really fast as to not disturb anything.. but I remember feeling very guilty about it all. I can't understand how a zoo, a library and a lottery centre became grouped into one thing, but it was dreamland, anything's possible.

I love those dreams you have when you wake up part way through and go back to sleep.. oh so much fun.
Various Adventures in a Legalized America

  • Sitting in two rows on the floor at Safeway, passing a pipe among friends and employees. I love to be generous and it feels good to share your stash. I'm facing my friend August, and he's smiling as big as ever.

  • With August, I travel to an old, beat skate shop. We make a perfectly legal purchase of marijuana then climb the stairs to the smoking balcony. It's like a small patio up among the rooftops. Passing the pipe back and forth we get quietly stoned, angel-headed and law-abiding.

  • Some crazy speed addicts move in next door. They proceed to throw tons of trash into my backyard and even set the grass on fire. They invade; climbing over the fence and trying to get in the back door. I lock them out but they break in through the front. The cops finally arrive and take 'em away.
Moral of the story: De-criminalize drugs, avoid speed freaks.
A simple auditory dream:

I see nothing, but I hear a woman's voice. It sounds like a white-haired grandmother. She is saying, "...you don't float. I have no use for people who don't float," but the word float was flirt at the same time: it wasn't a mixture of the two words; it was both at once.

I had a very quick dream, right after I had woken up, cursed my alarm clock, and went back to sleep. I was sitting on a chair - or it might have been a toilet, I'm not sure - and it folded up on me, like a piece of paper with me in the middle. That's it, and I woke up. It scared me, though.

7 / R

  • Pete and I crossed the rainy street and a car drove up. Jay and Silent Bob were snuggling in the back. Jay yelled a warning to us but we didn't take him seriously. That crazy Jay. We went on to the concert. The seats were on the floor, no legs, and leaned waaay back. Pete brought me lemon cake with cheese. He tried to feed me but we both knew it was as silly as a high-five. The black-haired girl told me who we were to hate. My green-haired boy walked up and I hoped he would be all right by her standards.

    After the concert there were lots of other people, one who seemed expecially interesting but then he got angry that we wouldn't do all the drugs with him. We did some of them but he wanted to do them all at once. He walked away yelling. I was busy eating the gold sparkles. Pete and I had a conference on whether to take the pills, but they were so big.

  • The virtual reality chamber had cost the school a million dollars to build, but nobody used it so it became a very lame club. Suddenly it fell in on itself like a flattened cardboard box. It was a room within a larger room. I took control of the situation and announced we would all be playing board games in my grandmother's kitchen. The twins were there. The game pieces didn't match, dice checkers etc., but we made do. I want cotton candy. I am in charge. Ed wrote me a note. Climbing up the dorm was hard. It was cutaway, you could see into every room, like a dollhouse. I used to be able to do this, but not in these huge clunky-toed Marta shoes.
  • Edebroux showed up and said Can't you see Jeffra is worse? which was a shame as I thought he was getting better. A party, Christmas maybe, at the daycare and she and I stole food and snuck off to the projection booth. A bowl of cookie dough, odd texture. I said Bizz I would love to take you and Pete and Laura to walk the traintracks at midnight. She said then why don't we?
  • Laura O'Neal tried to cheat at basketball tag and got caught and got embarrassed and wanted to go home. She snuck out when we weren't looking.
  • Lucid dream. My little brother was 4 and was in the bathtub. I knew I could ask him questions and he would answer as a 4 yr old, not as who he is now. I was very careful and couldn't ask him too much or would get kicked out of the dream. He kicked and hit the water with his palms and laughed and hooted.

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