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Not usually do I remember my dreams, but this one is still playing over and over in my mind. To start out, this dream must be common, in it's variations many television shows have produced an episode with a likeness of the dream I just had. This is the first time I have had this particular dream, I can still recall everything, unlike most of my dreams. I can still see the texture of the fabric that was covering my genitals. In my dream I showed up to work wearing a T-shirt, a pair of boxers, my socks and my shoes, but no pants. When I noticed my mistake, I went to backroom where the towels used for drying the dishes are kept. I picked one up and covered myself as best as I could. Tucking a couple towels into my boxers, I then continued to go about doing my job, working in the kitchen as if nothing was wrong with my improvisation. The dream focused on me always fixing the small terry-cloth that couldn't completely wrap around my waist. Walking proved to be difficult, tucking into my boxers proved to be not that successful. This dream proved, my intrepid soul, had something to be em-bare-assed about.

See I was known to wear what is called a "deep sag" in high school. It's a clothing trend that was use to push the limits of society. For those who don't understand what a deep sag is, this is when a person's pants ride below their ass. Yes, just like the gang bangers do. I always would have people telling me to pick up my pants in some sarcastic way. Now days, I occasionally sag deep but I prefer the full mobility of my legs when it comes to getting dressed.

This dream leaves me wondering, have I come to care what others are thinking about me as a person. I find this ironic because when conscious, I have no problem with who sees my boxers. But, I spent time crafting this story for individuals I might never know. In what hope, for somebodies enjoyment. That would mean this dream log is just a simple ruse to fool people into liking me, but I really did have this dream. Now isn't that ironic?

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