So I just arrived home from my year abroad in Paris. I am warmly welcomed, and when we are sitting down at the table, my mother says something and I throw her a nerf football across the table and it accidentally knocks over the knife block. The knives all fall out, and I ask if she's alright, hoping that she has only recieved minor flesh wounds. I can't see what's going on because of the table in front of her. She says she's fine, not wanting me to worry, but then she stands up, and when I realize that there are a dozen knives and forks sticking into her abdomen, blood dripping, she staggers over to the sink to try to fix it. I feel very guilty, so do not help her.

Then I wake up, with a nice dose of adrenaline getting my heart going.

I had a similar dream I don't remember how long ago, but with my dad being impaled instead of my mom. He made it through, and I didn't wake up, and it happened again. So he was impaled several times and told me to be careful with the football, especially around my mother.

I think the dream is about fear of causing my parents pain; I might do something wrong around them that will hurt them. I haven't seen them in a few months, and I will soon be going home. Thoughts of them are bubbling out of my subconscious because I know I will have to deal with them shortly.

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