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First, I was playing some bizarre video game that had weird levers that flipped candy (like the kind you find in those "play until you win" candy crane games) - you had to flip handfuls of candy at the screen to destroy the hordes of oncoming zombies - and you had to be working another control to load the candy into the firing arm. Very complicated. I don't think it would sell - but the candy reward concept was neat. Somehow a bird got trapped inside the candy section. This is where the dream changed.

Suddenly I was at some sort of a zoo / aviary. There were birds mostly (some other things to, but the birds were the interesting thing). I had to get that bird out of there, so I tried to get some help from some animal friends of mine - but when we got back to the cage, the woodthrush was gone. It had been moved into another cage for woodthrushes. And it didn't want to leave - it had a friend, and seemed happy. That's when I noticed other birds flying in the sky - brightly coloured (mostly red, but blue and a little yellow) birds with huge fan tails - almost as big as peacocks. They were sailing very high up, but circling to land. One landed very close to me, a very small one - about the size of a sparrow, and ended up crawling under my hand for some reason. Suddenly I realized it was burning my hand. I jerked my hand away and I had a first degree burn - red skin, no blisters. That's when we realized that they were phoenixes. "That's impossible," I said, "They're extinct!" Well, I guess they weren't that extinct after all.... This is about when I woke up.

I had two dreams during the morning of this day:

Firstly, I was using Procmail to set up some of the tall refrigeration units at the local supermarket, the kind that has cheese and/or margerine in, the ones that don't have glass doors. Except that there was more at stake than produce - instead, I was aboard some kind of generation starship and the population were depending on me. A small Japanese lady was helping me. She was the lady who appears in David Bowie's 'It's No Game Part I'. Whilst Procmail somehow oversaw the refrigeration process, the temperature had to be regulated with bottles of Sunny Delight, the mock orange squash which is largely composed of vegetable oil (this is not part of the dream; it's a bit of context for those unfamiliar with the beverage in question).

Unfortunately, my Japanese friend was being too efficient and the temperature plummeted, so I had to remove some of the bottles and, in the process, I discovered many stainless steel objects and a large sword with a ring on the end of it. One of the bottles was regulated with skin and human hair and sweat and had multi-coloured sweets as part of it. Then I woke up and it was 08:38. It actually was 08:38; this is, again, not part of the dream.

In my second dream Brian Harvey, the one-time lead singer of East 17, had released a concept album, but this took place in a universe where, instead of being released on small silver discs, albums were actually created out of sections of pipe buried in a giant field. Harvey had buried his all the way around the edges of the field; an unidentified female singer had buried hers in a neat grid pattern. I remember thinking that it was very clever that Harvey had done this; I do not remember why this was clever. I should have been annoyed at him for wasting space. Looking back, I think that the pipes and the field were a strange mutant representation of the light cycles bit from Tron, but buried in soil.

The first track on Harvey's album was a gorgeous ambient piece with a chorus and strings. Instead of being recorded on the album, Harvey had managed to store a complete software synth in the pipe, and the music was actually being performed 'live'. Then I saw a close-up on Harvey's microphone as he performed a song on Top of the Pops - the microphone was actually a camera lens, and it looked odd, and as I watched, the head of a doll slowly pulled itself free from the top of the microphone, and it had a face drawn on it with biro. Harvey did not react to this, and I started to wonder - is he actually Ian Brown? Then I woke up and it was 10:13. Brian Harvey had occupied almost two hours of my dream life.

This would have been a lot more interesting if it had actually happened in real life; in the dream world, anything is possible, and the above is unremarkable.

A little girl in a mansion claims to have seen two ghosts, though she really has no idea that that is what they are. She leads an old man, the master of the house, to the room with the ghosts. The ghosts gleefully lift both the girl and the man high up in the air and drop them on a table, upon which stands a glass of milk. The milk spills on to the floor. In the forming puddle of milk there flows a large quantity of blood.

NOTE: Follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations

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