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Something started the dream out with a demand that I attend therapy. I was supposed to see a therapist who happened to be a Jedi, descended from a sith lord. He's very rich having made his fortune in early adulthood and he never let the money go to his head.

One of the things he's accomplished was write a fictionalization about an incident from his childhood. His soccer team followed him home from practice one day and decided to rough him up and break the windows on his house because he sucked at the game. Also he took a case against the Church of Scientology all the way to the Supreme Court. He lost but the punishment meted out to him was a slap on the wrist. A crime of conscience along with a comment of "We need more Americans like you." from Scalia.

When I arrived, I saw his house was the same humble house he grew up in as a kid. A few minutes later I watched a re-enactment of the soccer team incident.

He invited me inside. Very spartan surroundings with only the basic furnishings. He told me that I was a tezcat, an initiate Jedi. The title is derived from Tezcatlipoca the Aztec god of night and war. He is the counterpart to Quetzalcoatl. I tried discussing my issues but my therapist always steered the conversation towards a comparison between gaming systems. Vampire:the Masquerade's system is weak and ambiguous but GURPS is solid with good cartoon pictures on each of the pages in the sourcebook. I said "Wait 'til you see HERO and you'll have kittens." That's when I learned that the Jedi philosophy was a spinoff of Judaism.

Jews don't eat pork but Jedi don't eat any meat at all. Everyone in the house who considered themselves a Jedi were thunderstruck and said they've recently eaten meat in some capacity. They were assuaged when my therapist said only real observant Jedi follow that rule while others are fine to play lip service to the edict without fear of reprisal. That's when I decided that I want nothing to do with the Jedi and quit because being a Jedi is stupid.

There was a brief tangent about Rudolf Hess. He wrote a book that everyone wanted to destroy. Unfortunately no one could destroy the book because no one could definitively say "Rudolf Hess was a Nazi". Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The situation was made more egregious with the appearance of unquestionable evidence like the Nazi uniform with the nametag for Ruldof sewn in by his mother.

Outside I'm walking down the twilight sidewalk and coming up towards me is a soccer team. They ask if I'm going to be at the next game. I shrug and keep on walking with my eyes on the sidewalk thinking "I need to get something broken so I have an excuse" followed by "I'm too much of a pussy to get a broken bone" and "Excuses are dumb. Just say you don't want to play." Funny thing is that when I try to walk around the block the "camera" doesn't follow me, it just stays in the middle of the main street. All I can see is my dream self walking down the main street, turning left then turning left again to be hidden on the further, parallel street and then walking back up another side street to the main street. This was the only part of my dream which had a third person perspective.

I have to thank Spot for this dream. She woke me before I obsessed too much on the dream and forgot bits.

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