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I am in a room with neat beds, a dormitory. A women's shelter? Or an orphanage. I am standing by two packs and assorted baggage.

"We need to go, Chris." We are supposed to catch a bus to Olympia. I am afraid we will miss the bus if we aren't outside. And I am not exactly sure where the stop is.

"I'm hungry." says my sister.

"We need to take the bags outside or we'll miss the bus." The beds are all made with surgical precision. I realize that the one I slept on still has some of my things around it. A pile of books. A wool backpack that I got in Greece years ago. I quickly gather everything up, wondering if I want the books. Too much baggage, I think. "Why are we going to Olympia anyhow?" I say, "We're not going to visit N, are we?" I am not happy with N.

My sister comes from the kitchen, her mouth full. She is younger and healthy looking, even though I am also aware that she's dead. "No." she says.

I do not really believe her. She doesn't say what we are going to do. There is a counter by the front door. There is a Barbie holding a Skipper doll in her arms on the counter. Both are naked. I am glad the Barbie is comforting the Skipper but I wish I could give them clothes.

"How are we getting back?" I ask.

"There is a bus tomorrow night." says Chris.

"I am going to Portland tomorrow." By car, not bus. "I don't want to go to Olympia."

Chris shakes her head. "What time? I don't want to get up early."

"I am going to Portland." I say. "I am going alone. You can sleep in." Chris relaxes. "And let's get something to eat instead of going to Olympia." My sister smiles, and I wake up.

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