I was charged with the task of making machinery out of poetry. The machines were indescribably beautiful, so much so that I cannot remember what they looked like.

There was a wonderfully exhuberant interlude where I was weightless aboard something much better than the Space Shuttle, sort of an endless celestial plane of crystal. I was on a tether, floating happily, when the tether was snapped in mid-flight by an Associated Press cameraman. I did not seem to mind in the least.

Segue to downtown L.A., being driven by my brother-in-law, the Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrolman. I was very aware of not using a seatbelt as we passed a cop. He looked like Stanley Kubrick without a beard, and gave me the idea for noding forced development as the sky turned copper and turquoise.

We pulled up in front of a building that was apparently my brother-in-law's radio station; he was going to show me where he worked.

Inside there was an up-scale mortuary store--a place that sold all the paraphernalia. It reminded me of one of those exclusive men's clubs, paneled in dark expensive wood. They were playing Dido songs, and for some reason I especially wanted a coke from a small refrigerator in the corner.

Two waiter-types were transparent and they had waists that indented--like shelves--in their bodies. We were trying to decide between two lovely wedding gowns for Tina--which were obviously lace shrouds--when I awoke in a field outside an elegant mansion.

A tame deer, named Linda, befriended me. She ate tortillas that I brought her and was extremely affectionate. She also spoke.

It was peculiarly erotic.

I had a dream that Adalgeirr sent me a URL of his newest writeup via icq to upvote. Except he had a new username that had about 455 writeups and no xp. Not 0 xp, but there was just no xp listed. Does that mean his node-fu in my dream was U (Undefined)?

*blink blink*

This is when I realized I spend too much time on E2.

No doubt Sigmund Freud would have liked to hear this one:

Me and my 3 friends - Marta, Tommi and Sanne - were supposed to meet at Marta's and Sanne's old house (In real life, they had to move out because the house had to be heavily reconstructed.). However, the reconstruction hadn't yet started so there wasn't any trouble meeting there. There wasn't any particular reason to meet but it was just like a gathering place, whatsoever.

I went there without any clothes. There wasn't any particular reason for my nakedness either and no one, including me, paid any attention to that on my way to their house. However, once I arrived, Marta was already in and in this point it became embarrassing for me not to have clothes and I tried to hide my genitals. I asked Marta, if she happened to have any spare clothes or something for me to cover myself. She was contemplating for a while and soon I quessed there wasn't any and I told her to forget and I didn't bother anymore. From now on, I was comfortable with my nakedness.

But I felt cold and we brainstormed to heat my feet in the oven. So, I put my feet in but I didn't want to lie on the floor; that's why I had to show my virtually non-existing acrobatic skills having feet inside the oven and trying to stay standing leaning on a table. I felt slightly better, at least the coldness was gone.

In this point, Tommi and Sanne arrived together, me standing naked in the oven. Sanne wasn't as usual. The colour of her hair was different than in the real life. (Now it was like gray but not grayish like old people tend to have -- it was more like dirty blonde with some black hair also.) She was also a wee bit thinner than normally but especially it was her skin how it followed her bones, muscles and organs. You know the way some people are born with less skin than there should be and their skin is like a plastic suit (eg. see Spiderman..). Well, Sanne was like that. She went into the toilet very next to my precious oven. (Again, in the real life there wasn't oven next to toilet..). She smiled for what I was doing and suggested me to put my feet under the warm water tap after she comes out of the toilet.
Which was a brilliant idea.

Before she came out she started to talk about the parties that took place a week before. Some unfortunate things happened there (actually here, because the party was arranged in the house we were in..), not particularly to me but to Sanne and our mutual friend. Sanne said that she has been drinking since that. I thought that it may be one reason why she has lost weight.

I woke.

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