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I am in an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. I'm flying along happily when the guy on my right, one of my friends from my old school, get blown into a thousand pieces. The R2 droid crashes into my hull, and covers my screen, I can't see, Oh God! HELP!

I went down in flames and crashed on a green planet, I stepped out of my ship and dropped to the ground, my legs hurt badly. I looked up to see someone looking down at me, it was my friend who had died in the crash! He was in peasents clothing, I laughed, but stopped when he picked up a pitch fork. He rammed it down into my throat, and I woke up, his eyes still in my memory.

I had a headache when I went to sleep. I was distracting myself by cataloguing types of hugs in my head. The characters in my inner motion picture were, of course, myself and my boyfriend.

Usually my dreams about him are some random situation in which he is blowing me off. To be fair, I think this is more of a phobia than a legitimate situation.

Tonight, however, was different.

I dreamt that he hugged me in my sleep.

It was nice. I miss him. I'll be moving up to see him in 20 days, but I haven't seen him for three months.

This was the sweetest dream ever.

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