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I had a bit of an odd dream last night. I can’t remember all of it, but enough of what I do remember makes me want to write it down.

It is winter. Four men are standing on a beach, wearing bright red uniforms. I land on the beach (yes, land, I came from somewhere above) and walk over to them. While I'm talking to them, I take out a picture I had drawn (something I had drawn in real life, it shows a girl holding a flower. I have it next to my bed). I hold it out to the leader of the Red Guys and say, "I made this for you".

Soon afterwards a small boat comes ashore and a man in a bright blue uniform comes onto the beach from it. There might have been another man with him, but I'm not sure, at any rate that wasn’t important. The man in the bright blue uniform comes over to where I and the Red Guys are standing. He introduces himself as Admiral Blue, and begins to converse with the Red Guys.

(I don’t remember what was said. At first Admiral Blue seemed quite cordial, but soon he showed his true colors as a villain.)

Admiral Blue has taken the picture I had given to the Red Guys, who are no longer there. He has also stacked up a bunch of colored rocks near the shoreline. Not any sort of strange rocks, just the colored rocks you find at the seashore. For some reason, these rocks are important and I am trying to shield them with my body. A wave washes over me, rolling me off the pile and scattering the rocks. Admiral Blue is saying "They will be hidden here forever." Another wave washes over, scattering the rocks further.

(At this point, the scene changes. I am now in Admiral Blue’s house, although he is not there. The house doesn‘t match any I‘ve seen in real life.)

I can’t remember this part very well. My sister is in the house with my niece and nephew, and they ask me to look for a certain show on TV. I go into the living room of the house and turn on the TV. After some channel surfing, I locate the show I was looking for and start watching it. I can't remember any details about the show, except that it was a cartoon similar to Johnny Quest. At the end of the show I say "Wow, that was a great show. I wish we got that channel."

(Again, I can’t remember what happened at this point.)

Now I’m at the top floor of the house, outside Admiral Blue’s room. There is one very strange thing about this room. Instead of a door, there is a large square opening in the wall covered by a something like a window shade. It’s that kind of window shade that’s a sheet of plastic stuff, and when you pull it, it rolls up. To enter this room, you have to roll up the window shade, and jump through the hole. After some fumbling, I roll up the shade and look through the opening. The furnishings are quite nice. Looking in, I can see the same drawing that I had given to the Red Guys, only there are three copies of it now. I jump through the hole, and land on a couch. I find myself looking directly at one of the pictures.

(Now my alarm clock goes off. I awaken, and the dream ends.)

Now as I awoke, two weird things occurred to me. First, that on awakening I was looking at the same drawing that I had just been dreaming of looking at. Secondly, and even stranger, is that I had a distinct feeling of having dreamed about that last room before. The furniture might have been different, but I felt sure that the dimensions, and peculiar method of entry, were familiar. I don’t know if it’s just déjà vu, or if I really did dream about an odd room like this before. Freaky.

Last night I experienced what is most likely among the most disturbing dreams I have ever had.

I start off walking around my house when the phone rings. I answer, but instead of hearing the person on the other line speak, I see a message window from trillian pop up. I'm not sure that I recall whether I could make out the screen name or not, but I do remember that it was my ex-SO.

She said (or typed) that she had something she'd been wanting to tell me for a long time, about the reason she'd left me to begin with. She then sent images of my mother holding a baby and a man that was not my father in the background. Further images and documents would show that my ex was in fact my half sister. This woulnd't necesarily be so disturbing in and of itself, except that she is 6 months younger than I am meaning my mother would have had to have an affair or she and my father produced a child I never knew about (and she'd need to have been born damn prematurely, but who said dreams were logical eh?).

There are several images I don't understand here:

a) The color of the font. I do not know if it was significant, I simply know that is was bolded neon green - a color she would never have used (to my recollection she never typed in anything but plain arial). Also, what I said at any point never appeared in the text window.

b) The face of the father in the photos. This is no person I have ever seen before, it does not look like my ex nor does it look anything like her real father. I am curious as to whether my mind would just fabricate something or if there is a significance to this face. Again, I don't know who he is, but the face is burned in my memory.

c) Why was I able to read the text? I can recall precisely what the statements said and look like. Any other dream I've had in the past that contained text was completely unreadable. I was under the impression that the area of the brain that controls text recognition was inactive during dreams, but perhaps something else is going on here.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep much after I woke up. If anyone here feels skilled in dream interpretation or sees something here that I don't, let me know...

Tonight the train is loud enough to wake me from sleep. I unspiral my serpentine form and descend from my tower. Thirsty, I slither to the river and drink deeply.

I return to the grey stone tower, walking through the great doors and find myself in a columbarium or library. Two white robed attendants stand on either side of a long table. Shelves line the walls, on some are piles of stone tablets, but others are full of tiny drawers like an apothecary. The attendants take these tablets from the open cases, place them on the table, then arrange items taken from the drawers upon them.

I am handed one of these tablets by an attendant. It is light in weight and cool to the touch. It is engraved with words I do not recognize, yet as I read it, images form above the surface; a hologram for each noun.

The fifth or sixth tablet I am handed to peruse is significantly longer than the others; the attendant who gives it to me seems far away. As I hold this sheet in front of me, it becomes the table. It lengthens into a road. I step upon this road and then begin to slither through a forest.

The road leads to a clearing; there is a short flight of wooden steps that I need to walk down in order to enter. In the clearing is a pavilion. In the pavilion I settle amongst the pillows and return to sleep.

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