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It was dark out. There was a legendary place at the end of the world, out beyond Washington state, and I had to get there: tonight. So I started hitch hiking my way across the country. It was always on a dark and winding road through the woods, and it was always with someone I knew. Finally I was the driver, and the seat next to me was empty sometimes, and sometimes full. We were all trying to get there, but we had forgotten where it was we were trying to go, and how to get there, we just knew we had an insatiable want to go there. I decided we'd better call them (whatever "them" happened to live beyond the state of Washington) but we couldn't remember the phone number.

I pulled out my Dick Tracy-esque cellphone (it had a video screen that showed who you were talking to) and thought about what we could do. I figured I might as well hit redial and hoped I had talked to "them" recently. It was to no avail. My friend Mikkel answered from his job at a local pizza restaurant. I said something about my quest and apologized for bothering him; I promised to buy a pizza upon my return. Suddenly I passed out and the next thing I knew I was in the underground floor of a two story shopping mall. It was unreal, like a dream or something, and so I don't remember what happened there. All I know, is that when I took the escalator upward I stepped off into the middle of a wedding: my sister's.

She was marrying her boyfriend Ned, who had somehow become a highly decorated member of the Marine Corps. The room was small and the walls were painted pink; instead of a pastor/priest/rabbi a Colonel was leading the ceremony. I found my sister who was also decked out in military dress, although not because she was a soldier, she just wanted to be like her husband on this sacred day. I wished her luck and apologized for having to miss this special moment; I had to get to that place beyond the state of Washington. I walked out through the twin glass doors and failed to locate the green Saturn I had come in. As a matter of fact, I never did find what the place I was looking for at all. It was all lost to me. I never woke up from the dream. Nobody ever does.

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