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I don't remember all of it, but it went on something like this. I could play guitar pretty well, but the strings ended up in a big hairy mess when I was over.

I also remember going to class by train and meeting some friends there. One of them had a new girlfriend which he introduced to me, but I don't remember her name.

It was quite weird, because there were a lot of people I knew on the train, but I ended up sitting by myself, but occasionally someone could come to me and we'd chat for a while.

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A beach. Summer.


Joel Hallikainen in radio.

Some wooden gray buildings hidden behind trees.

There were many other Everythingians in the beach with me, trying to enjoy the warm weather - Reno Caspain was there right with me, and I noticed jessicapierce was somewhere near listening to us talking.

The buildings had big wooden letters on the walls that spelled what those buildings had... Reno couldn't make sense of what was written on there (the letters were made of wood of same color as the wall, with odd typeface, so it was admittedly hard to read those from distance.

Well, I couldn't read that either. I spelled what I could, and ended up pronouncing a kind of weird word with a lot of croaks and throat sounds. Reno chuckled said he found that kind of word amusing.

We started in a large hotel, Alexander, my mother and I - Jessica was there, and I talked to her, we decided to walk around for a bit. She criticized my tie and offered a new one, however hers was pink so I turned it down. The hotel was huge, with the lobby reaching all the way to the top of the building (the rooms rose along the walls.
Jason and I went to voodoofest, in the parking lot we saw a two-pound bag of cocaine hanging from the tree. Everyone wanted to get it, but no one would admit to liking cocaine. This was saturday.
I was supposed to go to voodoofest with Claire alone- Claire told me we would go, but ended up spending most of the day in Mobile. The day was sunday and the last show would have been at one - she called me at four, way past the last act. We went anyway, and she looked at some of the exhibited stuff in the front of the arena.
I'm told that most people enter REM sleep three or four times a night, and that a select few (dear jessie, f'r instance) can remember the majority of them. Me, I remember very few, maybe one every fortnight or so. But I always seem to remember the ones that feature people I know and associate with.

Lately, that means that everyone in my dreams of late have been Everythingians. Or at least Everythingians play a part of the dream.

I'm working on something - it has to do with mail systems, with some *nix variant, which I know little about (in dream life and in real). I'm in some small grey-sided cube, on masukomi's work system. I never see her; in fact, I'm more than a bit on edge, because I don't think she'd like it if she walked in and discovered me there. I navigate through various interfaces of brightly-colored windows and dull command prompts (upon waking, I realize that the computer I used resembled some Hollywood movie's overgraphical simulation of high-tech, not anything real) and run back and forth between masukomi's and someone else's system. Some guy bumps into me. I don't recognize him, and I don't want him to recognize me. Suddenly I'm home, everything is pastel, and I sit on the futon and listen to a chorus of jackhammers going off outside.

I wake up and realize that the apartment I was in was a twisted amalgam of my brother's old place and Templeton's apartment.

i'm in a school/station of some sort. someone i know is following me around and i'm trying to stay a few steps ahead of them, just to be a dick.

. . .

i'm staring at my black rio, wondering where my green one is.

. . .

i'm on a train with my friends. on the roof, i can see a black woman getting attacked by a black man. he stabs her over and over as she screams and desperately tries to get away. he stabs her everywhere and she's bleeding out ridiculous amounts of blood, but she's still not dead. he pulls out a gun and shoots her, point blank, in the throat. she's still alive, writhing and gurgling. he unloads another round into her face and her head explodes like a watermelon. she stops moving.

  • Rennfaire on a FAKK2 planet: Somehow, I was on Eden, from the Heavy Metal video game. I wasn't exactly Julie, which would have been strange, but I had her moves. Anyway, there was some kind of festival happening, and everyone was out and dressed up and such. Various strange things happened, as a bunch of sub-dreams:
    • bind 6 chooseweapon6: I couldn't get my chainsword to work. Eventually, I realized it was a configuration issue, and once I reconfigured it, I managed to pull it out of thin air and show off my moves. Basically, I mimicked Julie's combo moves for all to see.
    • Wrong comic book, freaks: I was hanging out in what I think was a sauna, when some wierdo in an odd, alien-shaped helmet walked in and took a spot in one of the booths. Seemed like Iron Man or something. In the back of my mind, my friend John was telling me I should know who that was, but I didn't. Anyway, a member of the Iron Hand (I know, mixing video games) entered and came at the purple alien helmet with a pickaxe. They fought a while, and I was trying to figure out who I was supposed to be helping, when they crashed outside and leapt onto a train. I followed, but had to jump off or get hit by a beam when the train entered a tunnel. I think they had some ongoing rivalry that kinda bled into this part of my dream.
    • Rennfaire girls are hot: I went back to the bonfire, and a cute dark goth girl was waiting there for me. I think I showed her some of my combo moves, and she smiled. I sat next to her, and I think she deliberately gave me a view down her low-cut dress. She whispered something like "would you like to see more?" Then the alarm clock went off the first time. Sigh.
  • Shhhh, we're hunting Bobby: I worked for a rather quirky gangster. A little kid named Bobby (I think from King of the Hill) had seen something he wasn't supposed to, so I was supposed to kill him, but make it look like an accident. I was tailing him around his school, but he figured out what was happening, making my job difficult. But he didn't tell anyone. I think there was a dominatrix on his side, protecting him, but eventually she left. He got away for a little bit, but then suddenly everyone was blaming me for killing him, when I hadn't (yet). So I went to see, and found him burnt horribly, like a picture you might see on rotten.com. I had to convince everyone I was an investigator trying to figure out who wanted him dead.

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