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I have two recurring dream/nightmares or that I can remember.

In the one I'm an important person of sorts, back in the days of hoop skirts and suchlike. I never really see what I'm wearing but it seems like a few hundred years ago. I'm not a princess or anything, but I'm someone of some power and influence. Anyway I've been captured by a group of men, they'd probably be called ruffians if this was a Harlequin-type romance. They mean to hurt me -- it's not sexual or anything, they just hate or fear me (or both) and they want to send me away. It feels like they've betrayed me or turned against me, somehow I know them and this treatment is shocking and unexpected. Maybe they're servants who are revolting against their master? We're in a warehouse on a fishing wharf or some seaside place, I can always hear the waves crashing in the dream. Maybe the smell of salt too, or maybe I imagine that afterward. Can you smell things in dreams? The light is flickery like from candles or an oil lamp.

They drag me up to these packing boxes or maybe coffins, they are half full of straw, and I don't want to go in but I'm bound and gagged and they toss me into the boxes (yes, I know, it doesn't make sense but there it is) and throw more straw in and pound the lid(s) closed and it gets dark. If you've seen Kill Bill: Volume 2 there's a scene in it that evoked this dream for me and I seem to have it a lot more often since I saw that movie. Except here I get put onto the ship (how it's "the ship" I don't know as I never see it, it just is a very specific ship) and at this point the dream becomes the sensation of being tossed in a stormy sea and then I wake up with a start. If I have this dream I can't go back to sleep without a night-light, but this is OK because Art doesn't sleep well in pitch dark anyway.

The other one I have all the time is probably from back when I was a kid. We went to the Drive-in movie theater (remember them?) to see Superman II or Star Wars or Smokey and the Bandit or something like that. (This isn't the dream yet.) So whatever it was we left after the first feature, which we always use to do because the second film was for adults. (Not that kind!) But by the time we'd all had a pee and packed up, on the way out I looked at the screen and saw a mummy. No big deal, but....

Afterward I used to dream about the mummy coming to get me, (this is the dream) and looking at me with those empty black eyes under the wrapping. When I was a kid I wasn't sure what the mummy wanted with me, and then for a while I didn't dream about it, but I started to again a few years back, and now I know that the mummy wants to look into my eyes and mesmerize me, so I can't look at it, and I have to run away but I can't look at it and I don't know where it is because mummies can move silently and I'm in some sort of maze or huge house and it's coming and I can't look so I just run and I end up in a dead end and I'm trapped. Sometimes I just wake up with a start, but sometimes I have a moment where I realize I am the mummy! I try to scream but I can't (I can never scream in nightmares) and I try to tear off the bandages but I can't do it, and then I wake up. I'm still very afraid no matter which way it ends.

This dream is all in black and white, I can't remember if the mummy I saw on the drive-in screen was in black and white. Maybe I have it confused now with some old Abbott and Costello mummy movie. That doesn't make that dream any less scary though.

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