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Some predream information:
MA Numminen and Pedro Hietanen are Finnish artists. When they lack money they dress up silly rabbit and cat costumes respectively and they perform for children. Thus they make mo to finance other, more interesting activities.
I've never seen DMan and I don't know how he looks like. In a dream DMan speaks Finnish.

So, the dream starts in Uusikaupunki. We are walking with DMan towards the city center (if there is one; it's rather a small village) from my parents' house. Around a halfway there is kind of big hill and numerous children are running it down. Some have bicycles. It seems like it's a sportsday in a preliminary school and kids are going to do iceskating and other wintersports. Although it seems like some of them are fleeing, like they're running away from a monster or something. This does confuse me a bit.

We try to find our way through the kids and we saw a giant rabbit with a cat. DMan is very surprised and he starts to laugh at them, nervously. MA Numminen is making faces and he seems to pissed by DMan's laughter. I give a short introduction about MA Numminen and Pedro Hietanen for DMan.

When the kids have gone past us DMan's mood changes quickly. He sits down on the street top hugging his feet. He looks very skinny, a bit like Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting. Similar short hair and all; the face is smaller though. He seems to be out of this world, going and living through his memories. He starts singing:

Kuolleita pieniä lapsia
Kymmenentuhatta japsia
makaa kätköissä bambujen
Onneksi vesi nousee yli sen
Translates roughly:
Wee dead children
Ten thousand Japanese
lieing, hiding in bamboos
Luckily hightide will drown them (*)

DMan wakes up from his dreamworld and grins. I do scare a bit him. He looks like he's happy because all those Japanese got drown. He stands up and we are ready to continue.

*) Mind you, I read yesterday DMan's wu Why is it not considered acceptable to criticize Judaism?

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