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I dreamed I was delivering something to my friend myk's house. The door was open, but no one was home. I hear barking. Ack! No, wait, surely myk has just rigged his computer to play a .wav file of a barking dog when the door opens and the mouse jiggles. No, wait, there's a giant white poodle running at me! AHHHHH!

note: I have a dire fear of poodles, ever since a big black poodle knocked me down when I was seven and, no joke, carrying a basket of goodies to grandma's house.

Fortunately, ziola is holding the leash of the killer poodle and all is well. She is on patrol, lest the evil raver-receptionists show up again. Ever since kind-hearted myk let them in once, they keep sneaking in and having a bizarre salon of sorts and wrecking the place. Ooh! We wander outside, chatting, and sure enough, they sneak in! But she chases them out with her dogs. Myk shows up, and others, including p_i. "Hey guys, we could live HERE!" sez myk. "No, no, it's just a one bedroom." sez p_i.

Last night I dreamt that my boyfriend proposed to me, and I accepted. He gave me a massive diamond, set in the setting from my grandmother's engagement ring. I was confused, but overjoyed - I would have somebody to share the rest of my life with, even on bad days. We started walking away - we were in a museum of some sort - and the diamond cracked, and fell out of the setting. It clattered away and we both started looking for it. While we were doing that, the other diamonds started to fall out of the ring as well. We found the centerpiece diamond, (about the size of a large pistachio, still in its shell) and I put it in my mouth and started chewing on it. It was as if it was made of that strange movie glass - it's meant to break without hurting you. I don't even want to think about what this means.

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First dream part

I was in a some sort of old school building. I don't know what kind of school. Reminded me of my old high school, actually. It was late evening, and the streetlamps lit up the area. Dim lamps inside the house. Very atmospheric.

I only remember that it had HUGE air conditioning pipes and I was crawling in there... and I saw some Pokémons there. They started jumping up and down, and the whole building shook.

Some mad professor then appeared, stating he had discovered, when listening to the trample of the Pokecritters, the ultimate musical beat that people will just love.

Second dream part

I was in some sort of criminal organization at the first, though we were sort of "Robin Hoods" - and we had a war against a "bad" criminal organization.

I was alone doing a mission to capture the leader of the bad guys. I noticed he went into a small house or structure of some sort... I sneaked around the building, to see if there was a way in - and the building went up to the air! I noticed a hot air balloon had emerged from the top of the shed, and now it was flying up.

I took a good grip of the long rope that was on the ground... and was pulled up with the hot air balloon. The winds shook me around furiously. I was flying high in the air.

Then a "voice over" asked me to release. Well, I did - and fell into a lake, and wondered why I wasn't hurt. The same ethereal voice then asked me to get dressed, there were people a short distance from the shore... (the voice kind of reminds me of Ultima 7...)

Well, I got up - wearing a T-shirt and shorts, it was a warm summer day - and tried to figure out a way to get out of the island. I came to where the people were, and noticed there was a raft line from the island to continent, price 5 FIM. I didn't had any money, and I was annoyed that I had no chance of getting to the shore.

I tried to swim where the raft went... it was surprisingly easy, I was actually on the other side faster than the raft! Yet, I had swam to a wrong place, and the rocks were too hard to climb and the currets took me to wrong places. The water was getting cold, so I decided to swim back. I noticed there was a cave somewhere between the rocks in a small ford, though...

When I got back, I noticed some woman was there - she apparently knew me and asked for my father's phone number. I didn't remember it, so I took my cell phone. [How I got my belt bag (that had money) and cellphone isn't entirely logical. =) ] I noticed that the phone had got slightly wet when I was swimming, and the memory was getting faulty again... it was very very hard to get the number from the phone, all names had messed up case but they were recognizeable. Later in the dream, I noticed the phone had dried up and it worked again...

warning: weirdness ahead

The scene: A rally at Rutgers University. Thousands of people milling about, chanting something about elbows. I move closer, and it seems the chant goes something like this:

elbows for Allah!
the spanner has found the hundredth name of Allah
now we have Crayola
to make the ravioli
... but "Crayola" and "Ravioli" were pronounced to rhyme with "Allah" ... something like cray-ah-lah and rav-i-ah-lah.

Everyone's holding a incandescent pumpkin with the top removed; the tops are all spinning at incredible speed above the heads of the crowd in synchrony. This is not perceived as abnormal.

I run.

next scene:
A holiday dinner at my mom's. Like all holiday dinners at my mom's, this consists of me, my mom, and my cat Paisley. Paisley tells me I need to refill the water tank (in order to use the Digital 8 video camera). I was hungry. I disobey. She got mad.

...and then we're woken up to the daily tune of Final Fantasy 8 ...

I'm walking through some sort of a flea market. My mother is talking to me. She says we owe someone money. I have to steal some things from the tables so we can pay them back. I see some ceramic bowls that will fit easily into my trench coat. We are looking around. I see a large cardboard box full of photographs. One of them appears to be of me. I walk closer, and begin looking through them. They're pictures of my childhood. I have short hair, although I'm oddly thin, where I was quite overweight through my childhood. There are some other people in these pictures, other children, but none of them seem to notice me. I don't seem to notice that I am being photographed. Are these pictures of the other children, and I just happen to be in the background? I look very sad and lonely.

I look at these pictures, and I start to cry. My mother looks at me. She recognizes that I'm crying, and probably feels sympathy for me, but she does nothing. She seems to know there's nothing she can do, having painfully realized this many years ago. It's not worth the trouble to try and comfort me every time I start to cry. The pictures are getting blurry through my tears. I begin to bawl. It feels as if my life depends on crying as hard as I possibly can.

I was at some rocky shore, and saw a girl there. I walked to her, but another man came to her too. Apparently he didnt know her either, but he said something to her in french, and she answered in french as well. I said "Err, I think finnish wont be as impressive", but I dont remember what happened then.. At least I helped her stop an unknown nuclear torpedo with five large wings, and it turned out that she was from some nature organisation, and she asked me to come with her to report about it. We ran into artifically built cave with her, and she got a pet tiger on a leash. There was a tiger guarding the way, but though we were both suprised about where that had came from, she let her tiger loose to fight the other tiger. Her pet won, and we left it to rest while we continued. We got to a huge, metallic, underground base with underwater passage for submarine loading, lots of radars and stuff, and torpedoes and missiles in several levels. She red the radar screen and told that the leader of the organisation was coming this way, and while she opened communications, I climbed ladders to highest level that had a door to level outside the mountain. She said "We have disabled an unknown torpedo but though the leader answered her politely, I knew she was naive to believe it. I saw an ermonous, square-shaped object approaching the shore, just half meter underwater. It had multiple huge tanks on its sides, held in place with heavy and complex metal net around the whole thing. Its whole surface was covered in details, but some of it became very visible as it rose its top to the surface and several weapon ports on its surface opened. The woman hadnt noticed anything, but I shouted her to take cover as I saw light trace bullets and artillery bombards flying towards the mountain. I just got inside before the walking level outside got twisted by several cannon rounds before chrashing down by weight of rocks separated from the wall by a large explosion. The wall shook, and I nearly fell from the ladder, but I got to the floor and looked for the girl before the roof would collapse. She had left, so I ran to an open doorway at the opposite side of the room. Small rocks and sand dust fell after each explosion from outside, but the doorway led to metal tunnel that held in shape though high piece of the wall next to it fell, chrushing communications equipment under it. I still heard the muffled voices of the explosions while I ran in the tunnel, but soon I heard the girs voice from ahead of me. She was waiting for me in a round room with round hatch in the middle of its floor. She told that we have to save a tech before we leave, so I opened the hatch and climbed the ladder down to a dark cave. This was a natural cave under the mountain, half filled with water, and the huge underwater thing that attacked us was visible outside the cave. I ran across the metal bridges and levels built inside the cave, and found a door from the side of the cave, leading to a room separate from the main complex. The messy-haired tech was tied on a dentist chair and gagged, and he naturally was grateful for his release. We didnt have much time though, as a mini-submarine was already coming into the cave. We ran to the ladder and got up, while scubadivers opened fire with machineguns, but I got only a slight wound on my leg before we sealed the hatch again. Then, I woke up..

I was at Auburn, visiting my friend Jason... ajacent to his apartment was the indoor pool which was filled with sticks and dead birds and such. I climbed in and removed some of the sticks, after two tries and a running jump I was able to get back out. My ex-ex-girlfriend, Lindsey, was directing the cleaning action and was appearantly also running for president. I had a feeling she would win, she had also gained a lot of charisma. I looked at her from above, through Jason's window, before we somehow had to go to P.E.
People in the dressing room were making fun of my Waterman, but I didn't care. Jason and I decided to go back to our old school and visit our hippy government teacher. It had so turned out that he was tripping when we got there and kept on cursing at everbody and everything.
We go back outside; I spend a good ten minutes walking around my dream-world, being questioned by serveral people as to what I am doing. The world is a lot like Venice at night, placed in an urban area though. Then the client from hell calls and wakes me up.
I had another night of odd dreams, but only one part stands out in my head very clearly.

I was walking down a street in a small town, and I passed an ice cream parlor. It was dingy, and the front window was broken, but people were lined up inside getting ice cream and candy. There were huge lollipops in the window display, and someone was arranging them in a rainbow.

I entered a store further down the street, and everything in it was blue. The walls, floor, shelves, and ceiling were a medium blue color similar to my sheets. The shelves were full of white boxes that were labeled with their contents. I got a box of marshmallow cookies, and walked into the cafe that happened to be attached to it. The cafe had a white and brown color scheme.

I sat down and started eating cookies until I had marshmallow all over my hands, face, and arms. I looked up with my mouth full of cookies, and saw Drew Barrymore. She did a few kicks like in the Charlie's Angels previews, then turned around and stared at something across the room. I looked across the room as well, and there were some zombies from Night of the Living Dead. They were all saying "brains... brains...." like they do in the movie. Then Drew turned around, and she was a zombie too. I got up and started walking out of the cafe and back out into the street.

Suddenly, I was in a maze, and there were zombies all around me trying to grab me, and chanting "brains... brains...". I wasn't scared, just annoyed at all these stinky zombies trying to grab me. I pushed them out of the way, and kept walking. The zombies kept getting louder and louder, and I kept walking and pushing them out of the way. The maze didn't seem to end. My alarm went off then, and I woke up.

I am sitting in a school desk, with my head down on the formicha. I'm dreaming, I think, but there's no dreams there. Just gray blankness. I can't get up off the desk, my face is duct taped to the fake wood. My arms dangle, my feet don't touch the cheap tiles. There's a voice droning somewhere, I can't understand it. I want to understand it, but it speaks in tounges foreign to my mind. I panic; my face is strapped to the desk with some sort of strap, tape, or rope, and I cant open my eyes, they're glued shut. I have a sense of three dimensional space around me, but all I am concerned with is the hard plane my face is chained to. I try to open my mouth to scream in terror, but my lungs are filled with cigarette smoke and my vocal cords don't move, like they're cemented to my trachea. I try to flail my fists, but they hit steel walls. Finally, I rip my face off the desk, and wake up on my floor, next to my fouton with my alarm clock blaring horrible top 40 radio, Britney Spears singing 'hit me baby one more time'. Another day. Yippee.

Are there other vegetarians who have a recurring dream, like I do, that they get really, really hungry and all that's available to eat is pepperoni or something? And then I feel so starved that I go violate my principles and eat the damn pepperoni! Then, the inevitable feeling of guilt hits me. I still feel the guilt when I wake up in the morning. It's an utter nightmare. I hope other vegetarians have the same dream. I really, really don't want it to mean that I'm actually a carnivore.

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