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This dream has so many contacts on my recent past that it's even scary..)

I decide to go out to have a joint but since Iwona had given me a snake-shaped pipe I take that one with me. By the accident there's a family living in the same flat going to a park just besides the flat; the park I can see from my window. They're cheerful, I'm a cheerful and we're joking about. We, me and the parents in their late 30's and their maybe 6yo. daughter, walk to the park and I sit down on the swing. I light the pipe with some marijuana in it and start to smoke away.

Ganja kicks fast in but I notice that all the smoke is carried in the face of family's daughter and she doesn't like it, moving away from the swing next to me. The smoke drifts also into the direction of girl's father and I don't want them to know what I'm really doing and therefore I stand up and walk a bit towards the flat.

Soon the marihuana is in its end but somehow some of it is driven in my mouth. It actually tastes very sweet. With a care I spit it into the pipe in hope to smoke it again later. This goes fine and I walk back to the flat being moderately stoned.

Outside the main door there're two guys waiting to get in because they don't have got keys. I go in giving them an opportunity to come in but they stay outside.
There's an androgyne person waiting for the elevator with me and she (down here she appears more like a female to me) seems to be kind of nervous but happy - like she had had coffee overdose or something. We go into the elevator as it comes down and available. It doesn't have any door and thus it's kind of dangerous. She points to the right sleeve of my shirt and I think there are stains from the pipe so I have to turn my eyes on it. But this was only her trick giving her a chance to take a rubber band out of my hair. She's very fast and accurate with this move and with one finger she manages to remove the rubber band tying my hair. I look at her all surprised and she sizzles some explanation out, all cheerful too.
The explanation doesn't really please me but I take it as a play. I look on my left where there should be the wall of the elevator but I can see the image of those two guys who waited outside. I conclude this was the effect of ganja and I feel pretty much ok, happy.

I step outside of the elevator at fourth after the androgyne. Now he looks more like a thin male and I wonder why he's waiting outside the door of my flat. Well, I'm sharing the flat with two other persons so maybe he has something to do with them. He doesn't say anything though..
I open the door and we go in. Quite disturbingly he tries to open the second door but it's locked because no one lives there yet and then he enters the third room coming out soon. For me it seems like he's just intruding for no reason or in order to steal something and I become angryI grap my hands in his pullover and shout at him but he says something that makes me calm down. Then I feel stupid and guilty for getting angry and I take fast two steps after him as he walks towards the third room again. I lightly touch his shoulder and apologise: "Sorry, this went all wrong.. First, I'm Pekka, what's yours name?" He sizzles: "Khmmo." I'm surprised by his errors of pronounciation - he says something non-important more and he still got the same error - as in the elevator too.
But I'm easy with him and I start to mind my own business..

I was walking in a foggy street, wide as State St. In Chicago. I see a piece of something, covered in red right up against the curb. Longer streaks of red, and smoke point foward, up to a motorcycle mangled and smoking and a corpse laid against the building to the right. A dead body with half a face, and a chunk of its right ribs was missing.

Last night I had the first nightmare I've had in a long time. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a nightmare.

Really, the dream's not very complex. I was in a totally unfamilliar house with a bunch of my friends. I had this bad feeling that something was going to happen if I went to a certain part of the house or encountered a certain person. Just a vague, threatening atmosphere. Really threatening, actually. A friend and I are walking through the house with flashlights. He's on my left, and there are three large doors to a balcony in front of us. He warns me not to go through the one on the right, because in so many words (I can't remember exactly what he said), that's where what I was trying to avoid was. As soon as I started turning towards him to talk to him, I had this feeling of dread, and realized, *he* was whatever I was avoiding. I was immediately, consumed or dissolved, or something, because all I remember was having consciousness for a brief moment after losing my physical embodiment, and realizing that everything was fucked. It was an insane feeling, and unlike most "nightmares" I have, it wasn't really enjoyable in any sense (I usually like when really crazy/scary shit happens in my dreams). Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something. Or maybe it was just trying to trip me the fuck out. Who knows. After the fact though, I can't say I regret the dream. It was the most impact I've gotten out of a dream in weeks, if not months.

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