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Actually this is sort of 'The' dream. I had it yesterday (the node title date) and decided not to waste time on logging it but it's stuck with me and am here so doing so anyway.

In the first part(s) I'm in the attics of the houses of Robber Barrons of the late 19th and early twentieth century, rather like such one might image in Holland or Venice and also in decayed parts of American cities or maybe the Buddenbrook house, where the attic has like a hoist to load goods from the street or canal in front of the house.

There are all sorts of treasures in these attics especially foods of various kinds. Much of the activity in these sequences is moving around between crates and around the 'landscapes' in the attics. There are some characters who are members of the two households, which are similiar. The general atmosphere is dark and cramped in both these houses.

In the third and final sequence is in some transfigured place. It is much brighter and has even more goods and stuff. I am exhorting some group of people with a short speech most of which I've forgotten but it seems to have a tremendous effect as the listeners are moved and one or more comes up to me to say so. I do remember the last sentence being something like ".. all this can be yours and yes should you choose and merit it, life-everlasting".

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