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Come Quickly, We're Swinging

  • When I arrive at my SO's apartment, she and her roommate inform me that they want to do some swinging (AKA: wife swapping). Normally I wouldn't agree to this but hey, it's a dream. Basically, I was going to have sex with the roommate and her boyfriend would have sex with my girlfriend. It wasn't as thrilling as it sounds. My SO rips off her clothes and five seconds later is in the midst of fucking the other guy. Five more seconds and it's all over, both of them panting and sweating on the floor. Next thing I know, the roommate has stripped down and just rubs her posterior against my denim leg for a few seconds before writhing in orgasmic ecstasy. And that was that. It seems I was in the land of premature ejaculation.
This was a weird dream. I dreamt that I was making a cake. Now, normally there isn't anything unusual about making a cake, and the beginning of the dream was pretty routine; flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, a little sour cream. But here's where the dream got weird. I took my big, yellow NIV Study Bible (The one I use to compare and contrast with the Catholic Bible when I get into funky theological arguments) and I plopped it into the mix. I stirred it all up with a wooden spoon and poured the batter into a magically pre-greased and floured square cakepan and slid the whole mess into the oven at 350 degrees fahreinheit (If the dream has been totally up on symbology, it would have been 451).

I then took the cake out, (it was a nice, golden pound cake) and started to eat. In the dream I could sort of taste the sweetness of the cake, but then the cake started to taste more like paper. I frowned and looked down and saw line of scripture in my piece. I picked at it, and pulled out a faded photograph of me and my friend Patrick taken in 1990. I started to eat again, and jazz music started to play (I think it was Thelonius Monk).

For some reason I decided to go open the windows after hearing the jazz music. When I got back to my plate of cake, instead of being a bible cake, inside of my piece was a part of my blue strongbox where I keep important (but not invaluable) papers. Not wanting to eat my passport or my Birth Certificate, I set the cake aside and went into the kitchen for a glass of milk. After that, I woke up.

The First dream I remember from last night was a musical starring Jeff Bridges and Busta Rhymes. All of the music was rap songs but they were really high quality and now I wish I had the soundtrack to my dream.

Jeff Bridges character had two brothers.  One of them had managed to get himself in really deep with a mob type group and Jeff had to come and help him out because he was actually a kick ass martial artist but nobody knew it. He was wearing an olive drab army shirt unbuttoned over a t-shirt and holding an uzi out in his left hand as he ran down a street of four story brick apartment buildings singing a rap that had been written by Busta Rhymes about how they had hurt his brother and how he was going to make them pay for it.

The camera angle changed so that he was running towards the camera an in the distant background you could see Busta walking across the street wearing red Wonder Woman type boots , some tight pants, a tight blue shirt , and massive red gloves. He was singing along and kinda dancing to the song Jeff was singing as if he was in a video or something. When Jeff got to the bottom of the hill and crossed the street Busta was there wearing only the boots and the tight blue shirt next to an identically dressed white guy. You could only see them from behind and they promptly took off running hand in hand for the subway. The camera followed them until they were finally stopped by a couple police officers standing around in the station.  then jeff had to explain to the officers that Busta was his brother and that he wasn't really sane or mentally developed enough so that he still had to take care of him.

The Next dream was of me an this beautiful Thai woman I work with. She ahd spent the night over for some reason and we shared my bed but apparently we both slept in the nude. This is completely normal for me but I don't know why she did it.  The dream started the following morning with the two of us on my bed. Actually, she was standing next to the bed with one foot on it as I played with the little hairs on her feet for some reason. She was leaning over to see and , being completely naked, I couldn't help but take in the wonderful view. After staring a couple times while we talked I finally said "Um, you're going to have to put something on if you're going to keep standing by me." Because, she's straight , I'm not , and she was really starting to turn me on.

She wasn't freaked out because she knew I was into girls. And I think in a way she actually liked the attention. But she made a little apology , said she forgot, and went to put on some clothes.

That was the second erotic dream I've had about women I know in as many days. This could be the start of a very interesting trend. :)

In last dream I had an extremely cool car.. It was somewhat like the really old black cars with separate section for driver and passengers, but it had been modified so its inside was only one space, and instead of straight windshield it had a curved one like Pontiac vans have, going over the whole drivers seat. Inside of the car was completely black as well, absolutely everything made from shiny black plastic, shiny black metal, and shiny black leather. Anyway, there were some people with me, and I tried to get into bed with one girl.. I dont remember anything for a while, but at least I ended up pursued by cops. My car was a prime example of style, but not a good car for getaway so I needed another vechile. There was a demonstration of some road working machine, so I drove there to steal it. Only thing I remember about it is that it was yellow, and looked like a huge dumpster with a scoop on its back. I jumped in and drove somewhat forward, but it didnt turn as fast as I had thought so its front wheels chrushed over Mercedes Benz of some famous person who had came to see it. Mayors wife fainted, but everyone else though it was part of the demonstration show, and clapped their hands as I switched to reverse and backed towards them. I stopped just before the mayors wife who was laying next to the rear tires. Again people clapped their hands, but when I turned away and drove down the street, they were left wondering if that was part of the show after all.


...(haze)... Mother and I are shopping for groceries. Looking for some sort of cheese ...(haze)... We come out of the store, and mom loads up the back seat of my car with groceries. The black lady from Law & Order is there, and she has a son, can't be more than five or six. They are our good friends, and they are moving away. They climb into the back seat, and the boy reaches out to me for a hug. I hug him and tell him, "If, in the course of your life, you are ever in trouble, or having a hard time, need someone to talk to, or need a place to go, just call me." Mom gets into the passenger seat of the car. She has pedals over there, but no steering wheel. She gets in, and starts to push the gas. As the car begins to move, I look through it at at her, still standing outside with the door open. "but mom, who's going to drive?" She begins to accelerate. "MOM, WHO'S GOING TO DRIVE?!" I am running, now, and left with no other choice, jump into the car, and steer as she floors the pedal. We careen through the subdivision, crashing over brick terraces, and down steps, through yards, and over curbs ...(haze)... We are on foot, standing in a dead end road. The boy is strapped to my back, so that I can carry him. Suddenly, there is this rhinocerous/bull thing there, and it is charging me. I tell mom and the lady to run, I will stop/distract it. They do, and it continues to chase me. I run in small circles, jumping, vaulting, dodging around the creature by staying close to it. Every time, I just barely miss the horns. I can only think that I must protect this child. I must protect him. I find a broom, and take swings at the rhinocerous with it. Finally, he turns, and I thrust the broom handle deep into his chest. It keels over and the broom snaps in half. I bludgeon it with what is left .............(haze)...............


...(haze)... It is a gathering of some kind. An Aikido seminar perhaps. We are all wearing our gi, and my old sensei is there ...(haze)... Clothed normally again, we are in a huge room filled with small round tables. There are magazines laying about, and we are each to complete some project, some collage. People mill about everywhere, wandering from table to table. And she is there. She walks up behind me and rests her head on my shoulder. I feel the warm curves of her body pressing into my back. I could melt. She asks me a bit about what I am doing, and then she moves on ...(haze)... We are sitting at the tables now, with some new task that angers me with its stupidity. I throw away the soft red loops before me, stand, and walk out. I see her looking at me ...(haze)... I am packing, and she comes in, with her father. They tell me they care about me and want me to stay, please. A menu pops up in front of me, computer-style buttons:

From The Bottom of My Heart

I pick the second from last, and tell them I will stay for a while ...(haze)... The three of us standing around a giant oak tree. Black and White. ...(haze)... We are in someone's living room. She has a white blanket over her head, the soft warm one from my closet. She looks like a cheesy halloween ghost with no eyeholes. She is wearing a strange metal hat. We are wrestling playfully a little. I find myself lying on top of her, face pressed close against the outline of hers under that blanket. "I need to take this hat off" she says, and does. And now I can pull the blanket back, from the top first. There, there is her hair, her eyes, her nose, her beautiful soft lips. And I kiss her, and it is bliss. I close my eyes. And I see. Colors, lights. I kiss her again and again and again ...(haze)... We are in a stadium of some sort, at a baseball game probably. Just sitting together, being near one another. I look at her, and know that she loves me, and all is well. I think about what it is like to kiss her, to hold her, and I know what it is, because I have done it. ...(haze)...

And I wake. The alarm sounding by my head. I lie in my room, thinking of the dream, and thinking of her. Remembering that I don't know what it is like to kiss her, to hold her. Slowly, I eventually roll out of bed. Happy Birthday to Me.
Mostly sexually charged, but the first image recalled was oblique. Something about gushing water lines. Trying to stop the flood, the gush—then more about father figures, my SO, others of various sexes...

Besides the broken water main, people seem to be "after me," courting me, wanting sex or something else—sometimes just companionship? but maybe, I am interpreting that desire for companionship as pressure to "put out"?

The details are not forthcoming from memory, just the sense of a long sequence of such incidents, with people both familiar and unfamiliar to me. Old roommates, friends from the past, people I barely knew. Few visual details retained to describe, though many of the events seemed to take place in and around our present house.

For some reason, we were doing experiments on the human brain. Who "we" was, I haven't the first clue; I couldn't see anyone else's face, but I knew that there were others.

This experimentation involved cutting out big pieces of skull, and placing electrodes on the brain's surface.

So Jason (one of my housemates) was one of the people we were experimenting on, and he had a HUGE chunk of the left side of his skull chopped out. (a roughly rectangular piece, from just behind and above his ear, almost to the edge of his hairline.)

Well, when we were done probing around his brain, for some reason he didn't really want to get the piece put back in; he thought that it was perfectly alright to just leave it off!

Eventually, we convinced him that it needed to go back in, and he agreed.

However, the hole in his head had been stretched and warped, so we had to squeeze and pull at his skull to fit the piece back in. Once it was in place, we taped it up with scotch tape, and were about to start putting in sutures

... and then I woke up

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