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When we dream of people who are total strangers, are they really strangers? Do we just take bits and pieces of various faces we've seen out floating in the world? Or do these faces really exist, somewhere out there? Are we really connecting with people we don't know on some higher plane? It's said that when we dream, we all go to another realm, and we all affect one another in that realm. If so, let's say I dream about someone that I've never met before-- are they having the same dream about me? Or am I just connecting with their base spirit, while they're off dreaming about something else?
I used to think that we're all just here, there's nothing to it, nothing important... but certain events in my life have led me to believe differently. I think we're all here for some sort of reason, and that we all touch upon one another's lives. My dreams regularly include people I don't know... some mean, some not-so-mean, and some downright sexy. I wake up, gasping for breath, thinking of flesh and sweat, blood and sex... of someone who may or may not exist. So my question is, are our dreams really just the product of our imaginations? Or are we truly connecting to the rest of the world, hanging on an infinite web of coincidence?

Do you dream of me...?

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