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    she's left inside the hotel room
    with the drugs and the playlist and the movie too
    he wants to make a world for her but he
    doesn't want to hang around

    his old friend the mystic is
    going over sculptures
    she goes through the same old warning signs
    and there's always something daunting
    lingering in the tarot but he
    sets aside the history like he's just
    killing time

    and he grabs the charcoal and he
    grabs the notebook but he
    sketches the same devil every time
    and in this land where our
    savior came to save us
    we cover fertile ground with a
    harvest full of lies



    oh, my love
    oh it was a funny little thing
    to be
    the ones
    to've seen

January, 2020
lyrics by Joanna Newsom

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