Last night I dreamed of a white wolf, big and female. She was standing in trees, looking at me. Waiting. Expectant. Not expecting.

I woke up but not quite enough to write the dream down. I tried to impress it in my memory. I went back to sleep.

I dreamed of her again. Still standing, looking at me, waiting.

I woke up.



A rocket on a launching pad, not moving skyward,


                                                                      is still a rocket


a Wolf, crouching,  calm, but  focused,            

                                                                      is still a predator,  


A Dream, unexplained

                                                                      is still an idea-


                                                                      they are all

Energy on hold,


as each of these are filled with

                                                                      Feral possibility


making the name of this story

                                                                      Pent Up


Draw your own conclusions  
















story/poem inspired by a dream log


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