I dream that I am in a castle. Stories tall and with towers, thick walls, crenelated. We are up high on the wall, near the highest tower. We can see the keep below and the keep is open to the sea on one side, a harbor in the keep. I see a four masted ship dock and know that my love is on it. I hope that he will come up to me, but even though I love him, I think that he does not love me. I keep hoping.

I hear a noise and look up. A tsunami wave washes over the opposite wall of the castle and then floods through the harbor.

"Run! To the tower!" We run as fast as we can and brace ourselves along the edges of the tower. I know that the people in the ship and the rest of the castle don't have time to get this high. I still hope they will, even though it's unreasonable and unrealistic.

The wave washes in to the tower and the water is fast, cold and dirty. It gets us all wet but does not cover us. People move from the bracing and towards the tower stairs.

"Wait!" I say. "Stay here. Stay ready. There will be another wave!" People are dressed in jeans and t-shirts, contemporary clothes, and me too. They stop, remembering the tsunami accounts in Japan and Malaysia. They turn back. We are all crying or faces frozen, life changed in an instant.

I wake up.

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