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Icicle proposed in the hammock node that pukesick was a dreamy bastard. Having been beaten in Scrabble by one pukesick, I felt the urge to figure out what made him so dreamy - I already sort of knew he was a bastard. I went to his homenode and found the most infinitely dreamy thing:

A greenish old fashioned bathtub with flowers painted on it. Pukesick hearts it.

Now, ordinarily my heart will not be moved by a bathtub, but somehow this swayed me. I like bathtubs without showers, and I miss the old brown one I used to lounge about in when I lived in ghetto Detroit. I wonder if pukesick hearts his bathtub as much as I hearted mine, which had clawed feet and a long, curved faucet.

Pukesick, I covet your bathtub, you dreamy bastard.

Rancid_Pickle has informed me of a cast iron eagle clawed bathtub which resides in his house. His house is closer than pukesick's, hence he is now the dreamier bastard. Bastards.

witchiepoo says, "I have a cast iron frying pan, almost big enough to sit in. Does this make me a dreamy haus frau?"
-no, it makes you a lesser bastard.

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