A lot of people I know find their answers while lying in bed, just a few short moments before they would have fallen asleep. However, I tend to find them while I am driving.

It was just yesterday that I suddenly found myself talking to myself. I was lecturing on the uselessness of my life, my lack of motivation and my total disregard for my future. For a moment I could have sworn my mother was in the car. As it turns out, through angry conversation with myself, in heavy traffic mind you, I discovered that I am not really lazy, I am frightened.

The angry-tired-of-the-same-old-shit, Debbie told (or yelled at) the frightened Debbie that it was damn time that she finally made a choice in her life. It's time to be strong, it's time stop letting fear run your life.

I am still not sure exactly what I want from life but I have decided that I will not let the things I want slip right by simply because I am afraid.

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