--means to drive an automobile twenty-plus over the speed limit. Or in some european countries, speeds greater than 120 km/h.

The essence of driving fast is to maintain these speeds on highways according to the current traffic flow. The driver must also maintain a degree of safety when travelling at these speeds. Authorities will not understand the intent of the fast driver and will stop at nothing to penalize the driver with a speeding ticket and points. (caution to speeders)
I think that driving one's car fast on an empty street is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. I find that I do it best, and most frequently when I am very happy. It's such a feeling of weightlessness, gliding over the road, through the curves, feeling the gentle tug of inertia on my body. The middle of the night is the best time for it. The headlights cut through the darkness, and the streets are deserted and barren. The traffic lights flash yellow, speaking to me.

"go, go, go..."

they say. There is no gravity, nothing here to restrain me, as I stretch myself out into the black. My hand moves quickly, competently against the gearshift. Each click through the gates of the transmission is like punctuation somehow.

1st gear
' - .
2nd gear
. / '
3rd gear
. - .

This is how it goes. On and on into the night, and I am free.

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