In software development, a drop dead date is the absolutely last possible delivery date for any given deadline, but most frequently referred to as the last conceivable date to present a demo.

Possibly derived from the word ‘deadline’ itself. It is, however, it is fun to think that failure to meet this date would allow you as the project manager to publicly execute the entire development team. I could imagine having a large open space where there is a hanging scaffold. The team’s forced in a death march up the stairs and in a single file

Dear eyes, how well indeed, you do adorn them with burlap sacks over their heads, and thick heavy rope about their necks.

Swing, baby!.

Ah, to be the The voyeur of utter destruction (as beauty).

Ahem. Of course, like all aspects of deadlines, even the drop dead date is an artificial construct, just as infinity is artificial. In reality, it can be pushed aside like so much pixie dust.

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