The third book of the Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix continues exactly where the second book finished (Grim Tuesday), with our hero Arthur Penhaligon, is in hospital suffering from another bout of asthma and a broken leg. However, being in hospital is no reason to refuse a summons from Lady Wednesday, the next of the Morrow Days. At precisely half past four on Wednesday afternoon, a stiff piece of gold inlaid cardboard materialises next to Arthur. It proclaims;

Trustee of the Architect and Duchess of the Border Sea
has great pleasure in inviting
to a Particular Luncheon
of Seventeen Removes

Transport has been arranged
RSVP not required...

Suddenly he is whisked from his hospital-bed, and, with both asthma and leg healed by the mysterious magic of the House, he again journeys to meet Lady Wednesday. Throughout the story, he must battle a necromantic pirate, talking rats, and a rather large whale which eats everything in sight.

Again, this is a brilliant yarn spun from master of fantasy, equalling his efforts with his other best-selling trilogy, the Old Kingdom Trilogy (Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen). A definite must read, although it is aimed at slightly young readers than will read this (targeted for children between 9-14), although try it before you knock it!

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