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Has anybody noticed the abundance of subliminal drug use among children's pop culture? Some examples: Yogi Bear (He had the munchies - 6-7 pic'nic baskets a day! Boo-boo, I'm guessing, was his dealer), Sugar Crisp Bear (he was always after some of that sugar crisp - sugar smack more like it!!), Super Mario and Super Luigi. C'mon. Those guys were just Mario and Luigi until they got their hands on those shrooms. Then they were Super Mario and Super Luigi. They had massive hallucinations. They grew in size approximately 200%, and they were strong enough to punch through bricks. There's also the LSD stars. Remember? The blue star stickers that everyone said had LSD? They became invincible! On top of the world!

The Custodian's onto something with Popeye. I knew I forgot someone. While some might suggest that the spinache was weed, I'd say it had crack of some form in it. It gave him a big boost of energy. Plus, Olive Oyle was a crack-whore. Was she ever taking care of their kid? NO! It'd be crawling around on the railroad tracks or something, while Olive Oyle was hanging around the docks with Brutus and that gang.

Another perennial favorite: Scooby Doo and his Scooby Snacks. But everyone knows that.

Some others that popped into my head later:

Pacman - Just keeps on popping those little white pills all right. And the powerpills? PCP.

The Cocoa Puff bird. "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!" Well sure, get someone hooked on coke and all those dopamine receptors just cry out for more.

The Shmoo had shmoo snacks. Even Groo craves sheep dip. Teletubbies eat tubby custard. Popeye was all over his spinach for reasons unknown...I think it was genetically engineered to contain steroids and crack. The Trix rabbit can't get any of the pretty-colored capsules, because silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!

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